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In the Aspen paper Monday, Aug. 25, it said many Glenwood Springs residents are worried about the two-lane road which winds up Four Mile Road for 12 miles, and about the heavy impacts by winter traffic.

I recall the Springridge Development at Dry Park Road ran a sewer line down to the Bershenyi Dip, which was about two miles.

Florida-based Exquisite Development and the other Sunlight Mountain Development principals have said in the community hearings they will run a waterline from below Mountain Market on city property in the Roaring Fork River up to Sunlight Mountain to add new water in the 12 miles of Four Mile Creek. This is great, the creek really needs it.

The problem is, it took Springridge Development two years to go two miles.

Question: How long will it take Sunlight developers to go 12 miles? That’s what the people up Four Mile should worry about. It’s really going to be a mess for years. Is there another way?

Jim Mahan

Glenwood Springs

Ouch! Looks like we Christian letter-writers got a good scolding via “Peace Coalition” spokesperson Sue Gray. (Ah, it’s been a pleasant two months or so.) She soundly castigated us for our nastiness, for calling people “dirt,” etc. (By the way, can you verify who said that, Sue? Just curious.)

Ms. Gray reminds us just how unlike the meek and mild Jesus we followers of him are. Yes, he did speak of love, grace, and forgiveness, and I thank God for that. He also called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers” and “hypocrites,” and warned everyone who heard him to repent of their sins, or perish in them. And he spoke graphically of hell, because he didn’t want anyone to wind up there. Nor do I, but many will.

To be honest, as I’ve written afore, I fall short in many virtues, but that’s what grace and growth are all about; we thank him for his great, undeserved mercy, if indeed we’ve put our trust in him, and not our own righteousness, and we continue striving to what he has called us to. We’re human, too, and often fall short. Hence, we need a savior.

It’s interesting that Sue doesn’t seem to mind writers who’ve ridiculed Christians, and the faith and savior we dearly cherish; that, tellingly, is not a problem for her. It is a fallen world we live in, and he never promised his followers it would be easy. But he did warn us that this world would hate us.

It was Ms. Gray, you know, who compared this great, benevolent nation to Nazi Germany; who dutifully transmitted to us the hateful rage of an outspoken Palestinian terrorist, justifying his vitriol against America and Israel; and who later labeled our noble men and women in uniform “murderers and rapists.” Let’s see … Islamic killers ” honorable freedom fighters; our brave soldiers in harm’s way ” murderers, etc. Yeah, that sounds about right.

God bless you, Ms. Gray. May he instill true peace in your heart, that comes from knowing and loving the Prince of Peace.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

Timing is everything!

I wonder if the Democratic National Committee, when scheduling their convention, realized how tough an act it would be to follow the 2008 Olympics?

Will Obama and his team convey to the American public the same sense of class, pride, dedication, dignity and humility that our USA Olympic team demonstrated to the world?

Will we experience the same respect for these politicians that we’ve gained for our coaches and athletes, as well as for those who competed against us?

Can the following standards of conduct apply to our nation’s leaders, as well? Demonstrative love of country, proven record of achievement, strength in leadership, dedication to excel, ability to accomplish, pride in performance, respect for adversaries and good sportsmanship.

By their actions and their words, the men and women who represented us in Beijing made me, and many others with whom I’ve spoken, very proud to be an American.

Will the “Democrat Olympics” produce the same result? Only time will tell.

God bless America!

Richard Doran


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