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I was a bit discouraged. I was hoping to get a better recommendation from the Christian letter writers for my pursuit of advancement from self-appointed authority on just about everything to either the position of Gods conscience or master of the universe. But so far the responses have been angry, spiteful and even hateful. But then I realized that these responses could not have been from any of the Christian Gods followers, because they were not following the teachings about love, tolerance and so forth that they claim their Savior has instructed them to do. I just havent been able to interest the real followers in my aspirations.So I continue my pursuit of advancement. Now its pretty certain that the position of Gods conscience has never been filled and so probably never will be, and the position of master of the universe is redundant. So what should be the next step? At a concert of Schoenbergs Gurre-Lieder, I realized the position of Gods Court Jester would be an obvious fit for me (some may have already concluded that).I quote from the Gurre-Lieder: Lord God, your angel hosts continually sing only your praise, But you are more in need of one who can rebuke you. And who would dare do such a thing? Let me, Lord, wear your jesters cap!Please, those of you of true faith, pray for me so that I may be appointed this position. Im up for it. may God have mercy on Himself.Gerry TerwilligerBasalt

The regulations that have in recent past protected roadless areas of our national forests will soon be removed. There is clear and present danger that those areas will be the subjects and objects of development. Those of us who value the preservation and conservation such areas as resources for the future strongly support their continuing designation as “Roadless” as they have been in the past. And we oppose development of the national resources in those areas. Indeed, the short-term economic benefits of such development often proves to be economically devastating in the long run. To prevent this from happening here, I believe we need to get involved and “open up” the process. Whenever legislation or regulations that previously limited exploitation expires, there must be an extended period for public comment, environmental assessment & analysis of alternatives and an open process of local and state input. After all, these are “public” resources and therefore must be administered and managed in the public interest, with the full participation and assent of the public. I sent my comments on this topic to the forest service at BarbeeGlenwood Springs

Brad Gates confuses me. In one sentence he says I am wrong about the removal of God from our court houses and then says that the ACLU is suing local governments successfully making them remove religious articles from their courthouses. So it is being done one building at a time. There are several cases going through the courts suing to remove In God We Trust from our currency. I should have stated there is an effort being made to remove God from our currency and I apologize for that. There is also a group trying to have Christian radio and television taken off the air.Why am I so concerned about all of this? One case unsettles and shakes the foundation of all God believing people in this country. In 1960 Madalyn Murry O’Hair filed a law suit (Murry v. Curlett) against the Baltimore City Public School System. She claimed that it was unconstitutional that her son Bill be required to participate in Bible readings or prayer in class. That case went to the Supreme Court in 1963 and on a vote of 8 to 1 prayer and Bible reading was gutted from all public schools in America. O’Hair was a social misfit that believed that children in the sixth grade and above should be given sex education and allowed to have sex with no supervision by anyone. Her son Bill described her as profane and vulgar.There are radicals on both sides of this issue. If the Bible and the Ten Commandments offend you don’t read them. If Christian radio or television bothers you turn the station. If prayer bothers you think of something else why it is being spoken. Let those of us who do believe in God do our thing and you do yours. Don’t take away our constitutional rights to practice our faith when you can turn your back and ignore it.We will all know the truth someday. If Christians are wrong and there is no God so what? If we are right how will you explain your words to Bob? Norm ShrollGlenwood Springs

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