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In a recent column by Michael Reagan, the right-wing radio show host and eldest son of former president Ronald Reagan, he alleges Barack Obama is not qualified for president. He offers some predictably negative comments by Obama’s rivals in the run-up to his nomination. Of course, he presents not one fact.Imagine for a minute that the George W. Bush of the year 2000 would present himself as the Democratic candidate for today’s presidency. The Republican propaganda machine would rip him to shreds. Let’s look at his qualifications at the time.Foreign policy experience? The guy had hardly ever been outside the borders of this country. I heard he didn’t even have a passport. Business experience? Failed at one oil business after another, even after being bankrolled by the Saudis. Education? Squeaked through Ivy League schools; admission granted on the “who’s my daddy” affirmative action program.Military experience? Daddy put him in the Air National Guard, where he then learned to fly a jet. Didn’t show up for training for about a year. Checked the box to say he would not care to do service in Vietnam, thank you very much.Personal character? Record of driving under the influence and reputation for being very familiar with a variety of recreational drugs.Governor of Texas? Texas is ranked near the bottom of all 50 states in comparisons of quality of life. A recent scandal revealed the Texas State Department of Education was falsifying their performance records.As a Democratic candidate, George W. Bush would have been attacked without mercy; as a Republican candidate he walked on water. But that’s what Republicans are saying about Barack – except now that’s a bad thing. If you haven’t figured out that Barack Obama has some very good credentials to become our next president, you aren’t really trying. But one thing is certain: The 80,000 people that filled the Bronco stadium, and the more than 40 million viewers of his convention speech know he’s qualified.Patrick Hunter Carbondale

Our little miniature horse, Nell, was killed by a mountain lion Wednesday night. We greatly appreciate the prompt response of the DOW. The lion hunter came up from Delta Thursday morning with his dogs and quickly found the culprit. However, about a month ago our neighbor lost three sheep to a lion; the lion hunter was not called, and the DOW representative did nothing but confirm that it was a lion kill. Had this been taken care of then, our little Nell could possibly still be alive.A few hours after the lion that killed the horse had been shot, another lion was spotted among our cows and calves. We called the lion hunter (who was back in Delta). He said he could do nothing without orders from his boss. The man in charge, however, assured us that this lion would do no harm to the cows, would come instead to eat the first lion’s kill.Those who know lions say that other lions will never poach on the one who did the killing. (Perhaps he sent a memo to the marauding lions that the lion who did the killing was gone, and it was now safe to eat the remains of his prey). Do we have to have more livestock killed first?This does not refer to Perry Will. He has been nothing but helpful, and is a very common-sense advocate of maintaining a balance between the wildlife and the livestock owners. Unfortunately, it was not his call to make.Marge ChandlerNew Castle

I am writing this in hopes that I can persuade people to register to vote Nov. 4. And also, that most of you will vote by mail. There is going to be a long ballot, and with a 10-minute use of the poll booth, it seems to me voting at home and taking time to ponder, then dropping it in the mail would be the easier choice.It will be a long day for the election judges and crew at the courthouse either way. Please make it less hectic for them and yourself by registering early and voting by mail.Pat TonozziParachute

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