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Two recent items in the Post Independent surprised me with their content. The first was the political cartoon giving Sarah Palin’s qualifications as her body measurements, and the other was Matt Apuzzo’s article in Wednesday’s paper.The political cartoon should never have been printed, and that’s all I will say. The Apuzzo article attacks Palin and her family on a personal level as well as political. Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. I am sure it disappointed her and Mr. Palin, but what I think Apuzzo missed was the unconditional love and support they have given to her and the boyfriend. They brought them to the RNC openly and unashamed as they should. This shows the true character of this women and her family.Apuzzo attacked Palin for a $4,500 contribution that he admits was not illegal. He slams her for seeking pork-barrel projects for her city and state and ridicules her husband for once belonging to a “fringe political group” that supported Alaska’s secession from the USA. He makes her sound like a hard-core drug user for smoking marijuana once and not liking it.What about Obama? How has he missed Apuzzo’s scrutiny? Did he not consider 20 years of affiliation with an anti-white and anti-American church a fringe group? Did he check into Chicago pork-barrel politics? How about Obama’s cigarette addiction? Did Apuzzo think that Mrs. Obama’s attempt at stopping her anti-white senior thesis from being published until after the election a little fishy? How about Obama’s complete lack of leadership experience?Sarah Palin sold a jet plane assigned to the governor of Alaska on eBay and returned the money to the people. She stopped a federally-funded bridge that went to nowhere, saving U.S. taxpayers millions. She has been a mayor and the current governor of Alaska. As governor, she has an 80 percent approval rating, which is about 65 percent above the Senate.I wonder if Mr. Apuzzo could stand up under the same scrutiny to which he subjected Sarah Palin. Norm ShrollGlenwood Springs

From reading the Mildred Baumli letter in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent Sept. 6, I have to assume there is a certain amount of the “meow factor” in her comments in connection with both Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain.To address the age issue, McCain has taken care of himself and will probably live to a ripe old age. As a senator and veteran, he has had the best of health care and preventative medicine and will continue to receive it. If we consider the senator’s age, we should also take into account the lack of maturity of his opponent, and the short time he has been separated from 20 years of influence by his radical, anti-American mentor, Preacher Wright.Palin has dealt with all phases of leadership in an atmosphere that required her to personally address problems both in the local community and the state of Alaska. She has proved herself in those jobs. She advanced from community to state, and is ready for graduation to federal office as vice president. She may not appeal so much to the folks on the Eastern Slope, but she is the Western Slope’s type of woman.Obama, as a junior member of the Senate, is beholden to party leaders who advise him on every subject. He’s used to that. He was groomed in the Chicago- and Illinois-political arenas. But that’s fodder for another letter.I know Democrats are disappointed that the New York senator from Arkansas didn’t succeed this year, but they need to be patient. Maybe she won’t be carrying the heavy baggage in four years that she toted this time.Jack E. BlankenshipBattlement Mesa

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