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In recent weeks, MacKenzie Gibson has had letters printed in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent and the Daily Sentinel promoting the notion John McCain and Barack Obama are similar in their views on the Second Amendment. This is quite laughable, of course. To compare these two men as equal in the gun debate would be akin to saying Al Gore and George Bush have the same political views. A few minutes on the Internet will reveal that Barack Obama has voted for nearly every anti-gun measure that has reached the Senate. Only when he thought it would garner him some support did he offer a watered down endorsement of the Second Amendment.

MacKenzie states in the letters the American Hunters and Shooters Association have endorsed Barack Obama for president. What you may not know is this group works through the deceit and duplicity to con the public into believing it is a pro-gun advocacy group, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

A look at the record will show that the directors of the organization are leaders in the anti-gun movement. Some of them have made large donations to Hand Gun Control Inc.

There will be a choice to make in this fall’s election; those voters age eighteen to thirty who value their right to enjoy the shooting sport may very well determine the outcome of this election. The thing to keep in mind is the Supreme Court is only one Ruth Ginsberg or David Sauter away from saying what the Second Amendment doesn’t say.

Norman L. Herwick


I went to Denver last week, along with my 21-month-old daughter, to watch Barack Obama deliver his acceptance speech, and I hope that I can communicate the feeling that permeated Invesco’s Mile High Stadium.

The mood was electric, joyful, inspired, and healing. Even when we were in an hour-plus line of 84,000 inching through security, there was a tangible sense of peace and purpose. We met a Republican couple who were there because they feel that their party has for eight years been hijacked by an agenda that isn’t inline with their family’s values.

We met a black woman from DC who said that she had learned not to be friendly with white people, but she didn’t feel that way anymore. And we met people whose stories weren’t shared, who saved our seats when my daughter needed to walk around, who helped me off the shuttle with my diaper bag, who at the end of the night, made sure that we knew how to find our way back to our car.

It was as if all the rules that we had all been carrying, about stranger danger and putting our needs first, were melted by the powerful feeling that we were witnessing something great and historical.

If you didn’t watch Obama’s speech, then I urge you to give yourself that chance – just to see if his sincerity and passion can help heal your own cynicism, because let’s admit it, it’s been a long time since this nation has been united.

Getting to sit among such numbers of jubilant people cheering at Obama’s words was magical, and it dawned upon me that if he can bring together so many people of that diversity for a peaceful event of that size, then imagine what can happen in our country if the politics of inclusiveness and hope can prevail.

Kathryn Diamond Camp


I am shocked and disgusted by the letter that you placed in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent today. The letter I’m referring to is, of course, the letter by Sunny Stapelman.

Freedom of speech is a great thing but this letter is pure racism!

The things Mr. or Mrs. Stapelman says about Mexicans, Hispanics, and other Spanish-speaking people are hateful. You should be embarrassed to place this.

Florie Miller

Glenwood Springs

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