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It appears Sue Gray is all over the place these days, apparently making up for lost time when she was absent, mercifully.She is evidently an authority on a wide range of issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (on which she spars with others in the Aspen Daily News), spiritual enlightenment, and especially peace.Concerning religion, however, she has committed a rather colossal blunder. She relishes choosing elements of different faiths, those she finds comfortable and agrees with, while rejecting truths she finds distasteful.She has created a hybrid religion in her own image, which deceived people the world over practice. And in that delusion, sadly, she has discovered, “just how Christ-like I am.” Pride goes before a fall.With the Bible, which is the inspired word of God, Sue loves the passages she identifies with (as, “Blessed are the peacemakers …,” which she proclaims she is). When it comes to difficult or demanding portions (as, the sure judgment of a holy God on sinners, heaven and hell, etc.), Sue passes on them; they don’t apply to her. Oh, but they do.Either commit yourself in integrity to a doctrinal system and follow it in honesty and humility, or reject it altogether. You can’t have it both ways.Ms. Gray claims to be an enlightened, peaceful soul, but her incendiary diatribes printed in this paper, calling our leaders criminals and labeling our noble young people serving in dangerous lands “murderers and rapists,” etc., betray her arrogant claims of tranquility and spirituality. She is not a peaceful, tolerant person. She despises the free, generous nation she has been privileged to grow up in, abusing her freedom of speech.Jesus warned if the “light” that is in us is actually darkness, “How great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:23). Ms. Gray, please humble yourself and awake from deception, before it is too late. This also applies to other writers to this paper, who have belittled and ridiculed the Christian faith. Make no mistake: None will escape the judgment of a righteous God.John HerbstBattlement Mesa

This is an observation from members of a generation that has lost family in wars to preserve our freedoms. This may or may not be meaningful to all members of our valley. As we write this letter, it is the morning of Sept. 11, 2008. We’ve been admiring our beautiful views of the Roan Cliffs. Our views also include the Highlands East Elementary School in Rifle. We realized that the flags at the school were not at half-mast, which would have shown respect to the victims and families of the Sept. 11, 2001, tragedy. We know the World Trade Center was 2,000 miles away, but aren’t we a contiguous united nation? Is there no one at that school who is aware of or sensitive to what we need to express to our fellow Americans who have lost loved ones? It is even more important to explain the personal and national loss to a generation of our children, who will hopefully never again have to experience such a personal or national pain. This is the third time this unfortunate situation has occurred at this school.Even in today’s vitriolic political picture, Senators McCain and Obama were able to put politics aside and show their respect and gratitude to those who perished on 9/11. We feel the professionals (?) at Highlands Elementary, whether they be Democrats or Republicans, need to wake up and set a better example for our children. If they can’t or won’t, the school district should find someone who is able to do this.Tom and Jane AshworthRifle

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