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I am not bashing vice presidential candidate Palin. I need to know more about her and where she stands on issues.

Some of your readers who wrote in regarding Sarah Palin are incorrect. She didn’t stop the Bridge to Nowhere. The American public, regarding the pork-barrel money that was to be used for the Bridge To Nowhere, is who stopped it. Americans e-mailed their senators and representatives from across the country. I did that, too.

If you continue to believe what McCain’s ads are pushing, you need the whole story. The rest of the story reads, the pork-barrel money did go to Alaska, it just didn’t go for the Bridge to Nowhere. Alaska got its share of the pork-barrel monies.

Before I make up my mind whom to vote for, I want to hear what each party plans to do for the country, not what the other candidate is not doing. I am not basing my vote on “just because there should be a woman vice president.” I should think we need to have some common sense.

McCain has said too many times, “I don’t know.” Well, I was taught that if you don’t know what something is about, you better find out, so you can answer the question intelligently the next time. If you can’t remember how you voted on a particular subject, maybe you better get your memory refreshed.

There is an enormous amount of flip-flopping by all the candidates.

This presidential election is too important to this country to just hope for change. We need to see change happen. We need to see this country back on its feet.

Jane Spaulding


In reference to “Obama, McCain are much the same on gun rights.”

Hunters and shooters should beware of The American Hunters and Shooters Association and the deceptive use of “common sense.” The AHSA’s president, Ray Schoenke, was formerly associated with one of the most vocal anti-gun groups around.

Commons sense tells me that AHSA is not a gun-friendly group. Words spoken by politicians before election are usually forgotten after the election, their prior voting record speaks louder than words. Obama has voted to control firearms every chance he has had. Common sense tells me he will support every gun control scheme that comes along.

It is a proven fact that more restrictions on firearms only aids the criminal, and does nothing to reduce crime. One only has to look at the cities or states that have the most restrictions on firearm ownership and see the highest crime rates. Common sense tells me gun control laws do not work. More people have died in countries where firearms are restricted or banned, than most any other reason. We are talking millions and millions of people suffering or killed because they had the inability to defend themselves in the last century alone.

Our forefathers had intended the Second Amendment to enable the citizens of this great country to be able to defend themselves and this country from those who would take our freedoms from us, whether they would be foreign or domestic.

Common sense tells me that all gun laws should be repealed so that ordinary citizens can defend themselves and this country from any threat that could come about. Most citizens of this country do not want restrictions on firearms ownership, so why is it that Congress passes more? Common sense tells me they want the ability to oppress the citizens of this country with little or no difficulty. The Bill of Rights is the only thing standing in their way. Lose one, and all the rest will follow.

John Bernard


Wasilla, Alaska, was roughly the size of Carbondale when Sarah Palin was mayor. This is the majority of her political “experience.” I hope that voters will realize this in no way qualifies her to run our country (she is a heartbeat away from the presidency). It would be as if our own mayor suddenly became president.

No offense to Michael Hassig, but I don’t think running Carbondale, Wasilla or any other small rural town qualifies anyone to deal with the multitudes of economic, health care and international issues at hand. Then again, at least Michael went to Yale.

Denise Moss


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