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I am relatively new to the area, but wanted to provide my “outside” prospective as a newcomer. Steve Carter is a lawyer running for county commissioner. As I understand things, his client list includes the town of Parachute. I have two problems with this arrangement. First, I believe that as county commissioner with the town Of Parachute as a client, there would exist a potential conflict of interest since the various towns in Garfield County compete for funding and services. There is no way for Carter to guarantee he will not give his clients special treatment at the expense of other towns like Glenwood or Carbondale. The second problem: there are already too many lawyers in politics!

Joel Kolen


Thank you for highlighting the efforts of U.S. Senate candidate Mark Udall and of the Glenwood Springs City Council taking stands against the status quo actions of the Bureau of Land Management with natural resource extraction.

I agree, oil shale leases should be delayed, and the health impacts of oil and gas activities are critically important for Western Colorado residents. As “ground zero” with many years of current and planned natural gas extraction along with the prospect of oil shale development, it seems wise to take necessary safe and prudent steps to achieve the best outcomes for residents local and otherwise.

Thinking outside the box with oil shale leasing, I would propose our federal government not lease to private corporations, but instead respond at the scale of the space program, the development of alternative energy sources including renewables and oil shale. We can put men on the moon and explorers on Mars. We should commit the same monetary and human resources to domestic energy development along with protections of human health and the natural environment. Oil shale, although historically known, represents a “new frontier” and justifies a new, radical response from our federal government, agencies and elected officials.

Wouldn’t it be better for consumers to pay lower energy costs by not supporting the arguably excessive profits of multinational energy companies? Instead, those dollars could be reinvested into new energy sources, energy efficiency measures, investments in locally affected communities, and needed improvements to our national infrastructure including the national electric grid system and our bridges and highways.

Similarly, I also support the ballot measure eliminating the $300 million property tax credit for energy companies. We would level the playing field by joining all the other states which do not provide this “benefit” to the industry. These dollars represent a public investment in Colorado today and tomorrow, and contrary to industry “spin” would not necessarily reflect an increase in energy costs to Coloradans. As more and more of our locally extracted energy is exported out of the region, these costs would be borne nationwide with more benefit to our state.

Greg Jeung

Glenwood Springs

Also addressed to Mike Vidakovich:

We go back a long long way, I guess all those walks home from the Glen Theatre on Saturday nights really did have an effect on your thinking. Since you are one of my oldest and best friends, I will stay away from personal and false attacks (unlike what all your liberal media friends are doing to Sarah Palin). I will gladly take four more years of George W. Bush rather than give up my life savings and personal freedoms to the likes of Mr. Obama! Since you are writing a sports column, can’t we talk of the 1978 state football champion Glenwood Springs Demons? I believe it is the 30th anniversary of the first state football champion team at GSHS. Oh, by the way, I believe old Doug Meyers and myself were all-conference and all-state for the Demons that year. Not bad for some conservative old Republicans! How are all the other players on that team doing? It is really exciting to see the current Demon football team making a run at being state champs. A new state champ on the 30th anniversary of the first state champs would be a real exciting November, don’t you think?

Mike, you know I love you old friend, but more sports and less politics! Also, isn’t this the year of the best and only undefeated basketball team in GSHS history?

Rick Chavez

Southlake, Texas

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