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The Colorado Senatorial race in District 8 is a prime example of a new outlook. Ken Brenner, a product of a three-generation ranching family in Steamboat Springs, is the Democratic candidate who is running against Republican Al White. Ken has a history in the local area as a councilman in Steamboat Springs serving as City Council president, ski coach and owner of a sports medicine business. Al White is an eight-year veteran of the Colorado House of Representatives who is no longer eligible to run for that position, and moved to Hayden to run for the District 8 Senate seat. As a Republican, Mr. White supports more deregulation for the oil and gas industry and in so doing, feels the pending Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission rules are way too far-reaching. He has been quoted as saying, “Wait till we get this back in front of the Legislature; we need to get these rules away from the (Ritter) administration and we’ll fix them.” Another deregulator that is on the wrong path, a path which has proven a disaster for America.This is why Ken Brenner is running for the District 8 Senate seat. Ken understands the needs for energy resources, and wants to work with everyone involved. He is also concerned about Colorado and the unique part of America in which we all live. Protecting our water and water rights, along with environmental protection of our precious Colorado lands, is a priority for Ken. During this important time with the national election, the seriousness of our financial market failures and the war, we should not over look our local elections. It is important that each of us take this upcoming election seriously, and vote.Jim ChildersNew Castle

Don’t we wish we had let the Bushies con us into placing Social Security in the hands of their corporate crooks on Wall Street? Maybe we could have gotten in on the bailout action. My economic advisors (not corporate connected) indicate my personal cost of living has gone up nearly 25 percent in about 10 months; the dollar steadily losing value all the while. Won’t I be surprised to find my Social Security increase for this year won’t quite cover it? That is, if Congress can find time to deal with such a minor issue at all, since they are consumed with saving their rich donors’ Golden Parachutes.I’m now more certain than ever we need a little more Republican leadership to totally bankrupt the country. Listen to McCain attempt to turn his back on all the sleazebags he has voted to support for years, and try to sell us the idea that he is suddenly a maverick reformer. Look at the advisors surrounding him, corporate shills every one, several of them the actual authors of the current debacle. (McCain did fire Phil Gramm, the worst offender. Phil slunk off to work in the background with Karl Rove and the Swift Boat boys.)I can hardly wait to have Sarah Palin a heartbeat from being president; at least she can lie without the idiotic smirk. Unlike McCain’s new-found religion for political gain, hers is genuine; she wants to have “Creation Science” taught in our schools. Exactly the kind of self-imposed abysmal ignorance we want to have directing the finger on the nuclear button.Perhaps the best part of Palin is her talent for using elected office to get revenge on people who disagree with her. Nixon would her love her “enemies list” operations. I think we could count on her to complete the sanitization of the Justice Department and the gutting of environmental protections that stand in the way of decent profits for oil companies and Wall Street. With luck, she might even bring about her very own American version of Kristallnacht. R.W. BoyleNew Castle

There has been a Republican administration in Washington, D.C., for eight years, and in that time we have experienced the fall of the Twin Towers (3,000+ lives lost), the invasion of a country and ensuing war based on lies (with thousands of U.S. military deaths and injuries and 300,000 to 600,000 Iraqi civilian deaths) with the added lack of ability to capture the instigator of the 9/11 tragedy, wiretapping of U.S. citizens, erosion of civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution, torture as U.S. policy, imprisoning people indefinitely, the abandonment of a major U.S. city to a hurricane (while the Bush and McCain actually ate cake), oil prices at an all-time high, and a major financial crisis starting in the home loan sector spreading to Wall Street and the world.Now they want me to vote Republican because John McCain is going to change a system he has been an integral part of for the last 26 years? John McCain, who has voted with G. W. Bush 90 percent of the time?We would be financially, ethically, legally and morally bankrupt to choose poorly this November. We must have competence and honesty in Washington.I am voting for Obama. Please join me.Laura Van DyneCarbondale

Yesterday I received an unsolicited video in the mail from some group called the Clarion Fund, exposing radical Islam’s war against the west. Now I am not denying we have a problem with fundamentalists in many different forms (Aryan Nation comes to mind). I am well aware we need to watch our borders and cannot be blasé about those who are intentionally trying to change our way of life. But I would put fundamentalism of any form in this category. Personally, I am very fearful of book-burning, corporate greed and establishment of any one religion as the only religion of our country. However, I wanted to see who was behind this little video, which I did watch. An unnamed donor (why can’t he/she be upfront about the donation) supplied the funds to make the movie. Focus on the Family, to my knowledge a right-wing Christian group out of Colorado Springs, is also sponsoring this little film. Cuts from this movie, I believe, are being used unjustly against Mark Udall as we speak. Personally, I oppose any medium containing a message that will be used against a people. This movie, I believe, will only cause more prejudice against and fear of a people who are living their lives in our multi-cultural country, and will generate less thought and appropriate response to those who would cause us harm. It is suspect in its political timeliness. I would say to those who watch it, it is a well-constructed, surreptitious form of political advertisement. Find out always who is behind things that are inflammatory, fear-inducing and call for emotion rather than thought. Hitler used the artful Leni Refienstahl to raise the emotions of the German populace. Don’t let today’s powerful presentations cloud your discretion.Alice GustafsonGlenwood Springs

For a decade or more, Wall Street has been engaged in what amounts to economic retreat mining, pulling the supports out of our financial system so they can extract every last ounce of profit. The result has been a predictable, and inevitable, cave-in, and the American taxpayer is expected to come to their rescue. Pardon me if I don’t sound all that sympathetic. For decades they’ve extolled the virtues of the free market, promising that everything would magically correct itself if we’d just loosen the regulations and let business be business. Now, finding themselves unable to make the payments on their yachts, they suddenly become unrepentant socialists, demanding not only a bailout, but a blank check that allows no punishment for those who got us into this mess, no re-regulation to prevent it from happening again, and no help at all for the folks in danger of losing their homes in the fallout. Thankfully, the Congress looks like it may finally be getting tough, insisting on some accountability to go with the money, along with relief for troubled homeowners. As for myself, I feel like the TV commentator in “Airplane:” “They bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into. I say, let ’em crash.”Keleigh HardieGlenwood Springs

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