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The federal government has stepped in to bail out Wall Street and a banking system they allowed to run free of almost any regulation and good business practice. With Wall Street veteran (Goldman Sachs CEO) Henry Paulson running the treasury and Phil Gramm ramrodding deregulation, the American taxpayer once again gets to bail out big business.

What could one trillion dollars, (that’s a 1 with 12 zeros), used for the bailout, have done for America? There are approximately 110 million households in the U.S.

Giving $9,900 to every household (the average credit-card debt) would be less than a trillion dollars. Debt paid off or repossession avoided, and banks still get their money. Talk about an incentive package. Why not bail out the taxpayers while bailing out Wall Street? Kill two birds with one stone.

What would happen if the government rolled back mortgages to 5 percent or less?

What about the outrageous interest rates allowed by law credit card companies charge? Roll those back to 3-5 percent, and people could get out of debt. We could have bought over 40 million Prius’ or high-mileage cars and solved our energy crises. What about 25 million solar projects? We could fund health care for over a decade and reconstruct our roads and bridges. How about rebuilding New Orleans and Galveston and the rest of the Gulf Coast? We could protect our borders, ports and airports.

How many police, fire, health care workers could be trained and funded for one trillion dollars? How many kids could get day care or a college education for one trillion dollars?

An old saying asks, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” I am paying attention and I am outraged. We should be storming the gates and demanding accountability. Big business, Wall Street, lobbyists and pure greed just cost us a trillion dollars.

Do some research. If you find a preponderance of lobbyists and former deregulators and CEOs associated with a particular candidate, perhaps you will consider this when voting in November.

Craig S. Chisesi


Steve Carter is not “just another lawyer.” He served Garfield County as a judge for 34 years, and we are very lucky that he is willing to serve us again as a county commissioner. His years as a judge have made him an expert in the art of listening and making balanced decisions, which will make him an excellent leader for our county.

During his years on the bench, Steve also had a part-time law practice where he specialized in municipal law, and he still represents the town of Parachute. However, if he is elected as Garfield County Commissioner (and I sure hope he will be), he and his law partner will no longer represent any municipalities in Garfield County.

John B. Stewart


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