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When God is declared dead, when his order and his laws are no longer accepted as the highest good for his creation, then the state becomes “God,” and people look to the state for their provision and protection. And each department created by the state sees itself as “God” with often unlimited power to cause good or destruction.The afternoon Jon Shiflett was injured, I stopped by their home just after the accident happened. Jon was already on the couch with an ice pack on his head. Then the ambulance arrived. Tina met them and told them that they had not called for an ambulance. She asked them to wait outside until she spoke with her husband, but they followed her in uninvited. Tom told the ambulance crew that they did not know who had called them. That they appreciated the person’s concern, but they did not need their services. One attendant had a flashlight and wanted to check Jon’s eyes. Tom said OK, he would allow that. After checking him, the attendant stated that Jon’s eyes were OK. Then, disregarding the parents’ request that they leave, the crew began unpacking their instruments to take vitals, etc. Tom was very kind, but very firm that the family did not want to accept any further services. Then fortunately the park owner arrived and told the ambulance crew that the family was not obligated to accept their services, and he persuaded them to leave. The ambulance crew, with wounded pride, decided to take steps to force the family to accept the outside intrusion that they were denied. So they called for a sheriff’s deputy, and the path to hell was paved.We have a very real enemy, who hates all that God has created. He works through men whenever he can deceive them in thinking his way is best. Satan came to steal, kill and destroy; his plan has never changed. Only in following God’s order and plan for a society or for an individual life can we live in real peace and security.Ramona TalbottNew Castle

I’m a junior at Rifle High School on the varsity basketball team. After the game Tuesday against the Glenwood Demons, as I was exiting the school, my truck got stuck on ice going up a hill. As I was trying to get my truck out of the school, two Glenwood students helped me along. They got out of their vehicles and pushed my truck up the hill of ice so I could leave the parking lot. Therefore, the reason I am writing this letter is to thank those Glenwood students for that generous act. It is so nice to know that beyond the rivalry, we understand we all are people and we can help one another.Sandra SamsonRifle

I would like to commend you on the coverage of the Shiflett story. I am from a small town in Texas, and the local newspaper would never report anything that had any negative slant on the local police or government or anyone that was influential or wealthy.I thank you for not being biased. Great job on your part.Gary OliverGlenwood Springs

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