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Bush bashing is quite popular among the supporters of the “left.” And why not?

There is no legal responsibility to fear, and our society condones many and much worse acts, so truth be damned!

The figures on the G.O.P. and economic growth as compiled by the International Monetary Fund, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the World Bank tell a different story, however. According to their figures, the USA advanced faster from 2001-08 than almost all other advanced nations, to include France by 14 percent, Japan by 13 percent, and Germany by 8 percent.

Per capita income estimated for 2008 by the World Bank is $41,800 in purchasing-power dollars. This was/is 37 percent above the UK, 37 percent above Germany and 8 percent above Japan.

This is in spite of massive purchases of goods from the People’s Republic of China and supporting millions of low to no-income immigrants.

God bless our republic.

Doc Law

Glenwood Springs

Spit on your finger and make a mark on the wall. No one can say Bush isn’t on the ball. (Not like he did Katrina, who is still waiting.) He had government help on the way to Texas before it quit raining, but of course that is his home state.

How can so many Republicans be above the law? To name a few ” Bush, Cheney, Rice, Karl Rove, and the barracuda from Alaska. She will cooperate if she can have her way, otherwise she is above the law.

Ordinary people do not have that option. They would be arrested and put in jail.

Whoever said life could be easy? It just depends who you know.

Mildred Baumli


The Associated Press announced on Sept. 28 that the American Hunters and Shooters Association was planning a Skeet Shoot in Brighton to welcome Barack Obama’s return to Colorado. The objective was to get the hook and bullet crowd to believe that Obama is a staunch defender of gun owners’ rights.

Take a few minutes online or at the library to examine what this man’s voting record is on legislation concerning gun owners. You will find it is almost entirely anti-gun. Obama stated at one point that he was a believer in the Second Amendment, but quickly added he supported sensible restrictions. Who gets to define what are sensible restrictions? Maybe Diane Feinstein, who has called for a ban on hand guns, or perhaps Charlie Schummer, that great defender of gun rights.

Is it logical to believe that once in office, Obama would hear the voices of the shooting fraternity, or will he be beholden to the antigun crowd in the Democratic hierarchy that was instrumental in his election?

A further review of the American Hunters and Shooters Association will show this is a group formed to counter the influence of the NRA. Some of the top generals in this group have been involved with and contributed heavily to Sarah Brady’s Hand Gun Control Inc.

The gun owners voting for Obama’s change may well find they got more changes than they had hoped for.

Norman L. Herwick


Thank you, Norm Schroll, for bringing up the hypocrisy of so many. It seems that so many forget that Congress has failed to do much in the last two years and has a much lower confidence rating than the president.

I would also like to ask the people who write to stop the name calling of our elected officials and address them by their proper name. You may not like them or agree with them. They do, however, deserve your respect. You may just get more respect from them and also the people who read your letters.

Thank you,

John Bernard


For far too long, Western Garfield County has been represented on the Board of County Commissioners by an individual who has been nothing more than an over-the-top lobbyist for mineral extraction of any kind. This has inflamed tensions between extractors and the residents of Garfield County when a sincere effort should have been made to build a working relationship between the two. It has brought suspicion to county-sponsored surveys and studies when we need genuine reassurance our health, safety and the future economic success of this region are being looked after.

We need a leader who not only has qualified experience and a vision for the future, but who can make fair, honest and unbiased decisions. That person, in our opinion, is Steve Carter.

Steve has spent more than 30 years making sound decisions as a Garfield County court judge. He has also had more than 40 years experience representing various public bodies and municipalities in land use, planning and legal matters, mostly in Garfield County. As a judge, Steve has had substantial experience mediating conflict and bringing about sound resolutions. Steve’s unpartisan approach to decision-making, and his desire for the betterment of Garfield County, have earned him many friends from all sides of the political aisle. This is evident by the fact there were often as many or more Republicans as Democrats walking with him during the various community parades and celebrations this past summer.

We are comforted in the knowledge Steve will make his decisions based upon the evidence presented, the rule of law, the health and welfare of all residents within the county, and the adopted guidelines for future growth and land use. Steve Carter is a genuinely fair and honest man. Please vote for him as your next Garfield County commissioner.

Alan and Patty Lambert


Having been a resident of Garfield County the past 13 years, I only consider myself a neophyte in the area. But one thing I have found is that some are better suited to the public service than others.

I feel the experience gained by Mike Samson in his service as mayor pro tem of the city of Rifle, as well as city councilman during the good and bad times, will serve us and the county well as county commissioner.

In talking with Mike, I’m convinced by his desire and commitment to hold community meetings to address issues facing all communities in Garfield county. I will support him in his effort, and hope you will do likewise.

Fred Inman

Battlement Mesa

Your recent story on the ongoing Midland Avenue traffic-calming efforts was well-timed. On the very morning it was published (Sept. 29), I witnessed the aftermath of two accidents on the street by 10 a.m. These events underscore the importance of finishing the project in the manner in which Lorah and Associates designed it.

The largest traffic diversion project in Glenwood Springs history was accomplished in the 1990s, with the construction of the I-70 West Glenwood exit and the extension of Midland Avenue to the exit. This project pulled thousands of cars per day off Grand Avenue. Unfortunately, it then directed them down what was then a quiet residential lane. In a belated effort, the neighborhood residents have asked the Glenwood Springs City Council to spend approximately 5 percent of the cost of the traffic diversion project on calming devices, to restore some safety and quality of life to the area.

I hope residents of other city neighborhoods can empathize with and support this effort.

Jeff Fegan

Glenwood Springs

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