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After reading Stan Rachesky’s letter of Oct. 9, in which he states taxpayers would be committed to spending an additional $845 billion on foreign aid under this bill, presented by Mr. Obama along with 30 co-sponsors, including five Republicans, I read the act, which has as its title: “A bill to require the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day.”I just don’t see any requirement to do anything other than develop and implement a comprehensive strategy “to further” the United States foreign policy “objective” of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day.And, according to available data, this so-called Millennium project has actually been going on for more than 35 years, and primarily consists of lofty goals that are reaffirmed each year or so by an impressive list of 21 other countries, none of which has ever actually achieved their commitment goals or seemed to be sweating the prospect of actually ever doing so, nor does there seem to be any enforcement or mechanism for such.Mr. Rachesky’s argument strikes me as overblown “sky is falling” excitement, and the Millennium project sounds like a well meaning U.N. ambition – something to feel good about and toast at annual meetings – but also an example of the kind of productive global interaction that so many of us long for and Mr. Obama’s campaign stands for.Rick HillearyGlenwood Springs

Regardless of your political affiliation, you might want to consider the consequences of Sen. Obama’s plan to increase taxes on any business.Tax increases on any business, be it a small family-owned garage that might employ one or two mechanics, a one-man law office that might employ one or two assistants, a family-owned business, an accounting office, etc. Just stop a minute and think of any and all small businesses that will be taxed more, just because they are a business. Forget the large corporations, as they definitely will be affected.Now, think what will happen if you work for a small business. That business might have to lay off one, if not both, its employees due to increased taxes; and/or the small business will have to pass on its increased tax costs to its patrons, which by the way, are you and me. Also, are you that person who works for a small business that may have to be let go? Either way, we all pay for increased taxes on business. The larger companies and corporations will have the same options of either letting employees go and/or passing on that tax increase to its patrons, again you and me.To the best of this writer’s knowledge from the debate(s), John McCain wants taxes to stay the same.I am sure, and hope, these comments will bring up noncritical, finger-pointing discussions at those who have their own opinions. This writer personally cannot afford to pay more for what we buy, and others must have feelings one way or the other about increased business taxes and plain, constructive discussions need to be held, especially since our county does have a lot of small businesses, and our state just could be a deciding factor in this election. Barbara SunderlandNew Castle

Also addressed: To whom it may (or may not) concern,I would like to thank our wonderful government for giving me, and my friends, a large sum of money to pay back in taxes after I turn 18. Our brilliant government was so worried the economy was failing they did not think properly; they decided to give all of the future generations a nice, large debt to pay off. It would have been nice if our government had just given each family enough money to help with bills, gas, food, and, most importantly, credit-card debt. If they had done this, the economy would have corrected itself just fine, until the next generation of big spenders started racking up huge amounts of credit-card debt.Another great answer to our economy’s problems is to make a class teaching kids how to manage our money properly and teach us about debt and stuff like that. When we go to college, we won’t put ourselves in debt while in college. When we are out of college, we’ll have a huge debt, bad credit and have no way to pay them off, unless we happen to have a trust fund to access. As far as I know, not every kid will be able to access a trust fund after he gets out of college. One other way the government can help the economy is by requiring parents to pay $1,000 at the beginning of each high school year. This money would be repaid to the students every quarter if the kids’ grades are satisfactory (Cs and above). This way, kids would have a reason to get good grades in school as well as stay in school. As a student, I know I would stay in school if I knew at the end of every quarter I would get some money. Wouldn’t you?Michael CapraroGlenwood Springs

Let’s be real about who has this region’s best interests in mind when it comes to representing us in the State Senate. It is Ken Brenner. Ken is a lifelong resident of this district, which includes Basalt, Carbondale, Eagle, Vail, Steamboat Springs, Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Craig and Rifle. That alone makes him different than his opponent.Ken grew up on a ranch outside Steamboat Springs. He worked as ski coach, started his own small business, served on the Steamboat Springs City Council and raised a family there. He understands what makes this part of Colorado so special. He appreciates the land and all the bounty it provides. He has a balanced, common sense view about what we all need to do to live here. His opponent, Al White, has spent less than a year living in Senate District 8. White is a Winter Park business owner and home owner who moved his official “residence” to Hayden in order to qualify to run for this district. White is a career politician who is looking to keep his grip on power, even if it means abandoning his longtime home to do so. White is all about serving his own need for power, not our needs for good representation.Our communities are under enormous pressure to develop energy resources, divert our water to the Front Range, house ever growing workforces, educate our children, maintain roads and transit systems, and responsibly manage the land and environment. We need someone in the state Senate who truly understands our needs. Ken Brenner has made a lifelong commitment to this area. I cannot think of a better person to represent us in the state Senate.Allyn HarveyCarbondale

On Saturday, Sept. 27, my kids Katie, Thomas and Tyrian, and friend Lark and I became part of a group of people who have suffered a great loss.Both our dogs, Toby and Babe, were shot and killed by a neighbor. Around 8:15 a.m. we heard the first shot and my dog scream. That shot was followed by four more. “Oh God,” yelled Lark, “they were just here!” We jumped in the truck and went to a neighboring farm. The man stood near the sheep pen. I asked, “Are my dogs here?” He replied, “Yeah, they’re in the field,” and that I wouldn’t have to worry about penning them up anymore because they were both dead, and they had killed one of his sheep. He told me to go on and get the carcasses out of the field and get out of there. I found Babe first, about 50 feet away from the dead ewe. The sheep had been dead for a while, and I knew that my dogs had not come in with blood on them. My dogs did not kill his sheep, and the coyotes had been thick in there. I found Toby in the field closer to my house. He’d been shot twice. His intestines lay on his side. The grief of this is overwhelming, and I also feel guilty for not keeping my dogs in the pen. I raised my dogs like I was raised. Free. Free to roam on my property. It’s just too bad they went into the field next door.The sheriff’s deputy said it was his right to kill the dogs and that he wouldn’t ticket me with a dog-at-large violation.I will never understand what goes through a person’s mind when they decide to pull that trigger and choose to kill their neighbor’s pets, part of their family; or will never understand the law which permits this.Just remember if someone threatens to kill your dogs they probably will.Beth Mead BrockRifle

What will it take to change the minds of people who are convinced that Obama is the greatest thing since flushing toilets? Evidently his association with the Rev. Wright for 20 years doesn’t bother them. His lack of experience and leadership doesn’t bring even a little frown. How about his affiliation with a known terrorist named William Ayers?Ayers confessed to bombing the Pentagon and the Capitol buildings. His wife went to prison for an armored car robbery, where two police officers were killed. Ayers avoided prison because of illegal wire taps. Has he repented for these acts? No, he says he should have done more.Obama explains his relationship with Ayers as just another neighbor who he has met and talked to. The truth is Obama has known and worked alongside Ayers for a long time.In the mid 1990s, Walter Annenberg’s foundation offered hundreds of millions of dollars to American public schools. Ayers, a college professor, applied for and received $50 million to raise “political consciousness” in Chicago’s schools. Ayers’ group picked Barack Obama to distribute the funds. Between 1995 and 1999, Obama handed out the $50 million and raised another $60 million from civic groups. Ayers ordered Obama to distribute the funds to “external” organizations like the American Community Organization for Reform. ACORN, now are you interested?Reading, writing and arithmetic were not considered important in handing out this money. The program’s purpose was to preach and conduct classes on radical political ideas.Why did Ayers pick Obama to head up his political propaganda machine? Obama had to agree with Ayers’ radical views or he wouldn’t have stayed for four years. Why did Obama take the job? He got a nice job and $50 million to play with, but he had to embrace Ayers’ radical views or he would have been fired.Obama just smiles and shakes his head when confronted with Ayers. He says he is just a guy who lives in his neighborhood. He refuses to explain the four-year association with Ayers and the job he did for him.Norm ShrollGlenwood Springs

In response to: Our Justice System:I believe I can answer your questions. The first one: a dog at large is just a ticket. Payable by sending it in to city hall, via mail. Please do so, to protect yourself. The police’s threat is for real. A dog at large is just a ticket; no proof of being an unfit mother. Failure to appear or pay is proof.The second question: if you haven’t gone to Social Services, do so. Sign up for food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare. Plus, report his noncompliance. Do not sign up for Aid for Dependent Children. That’s an excuse for Social Service to get mixed up, completely, in your life. Not his life, your life. Been there, done that, but I can read, and I did read that agreement for AFDC. It’s an agreement for Social Services to take your children, any time they deem it necessary. OK?How good are you at detective work? Do you have anything with your ex’s Social Security number on it? (Life insurance, divorce papers, a loan, car or home, etc.) There’s three credit ratings to check. Check those for a line of credit he’s applied for lately using his Social Security numbers. Credit card? Check for a current address. This just takes a computer, so go to the library and start detecting. You have to do this, Social Services won’t. But they will red-flag his driver’s license and income taxes for you.There’s a little thing called “invasion of privacy” that Social Services has to comply with.Computers weren’t too popular back in 1976, when I had to become a detective. Play the game, be patient, pray a lot, and it will happen. It took me seven years to find where he was hiding out, but it did happen. So good luck to you.Vivian L. FisherRifle

I just wanted to let the town of Glenwood Springs know that our shop, DNA sk8, was robbed recently and ironically it is about a year after the last several break-ins. It is sad to see a small town encounter such problems. Our store and employees and friends are now left feeling violated and suspicious of other locals. This current article was even more upsetting because these kids got off so easy. Hopefully you can find another story in our robbery event, even if it is just to inform others what has happened in this town.Kari YuenGlenwood Springs

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