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When my father told me about his decision to run for Garfield County Commissioner (District 3), I wasn’t too thrilled. Like many Americans, I have become disillusioned by the word “politics” because it is associated with false promises, quick fixes and contentious attitudes. It didn’t take me long to realize Garfield County needs leaders like Mike Samson because he can be trusted completely, his decisions are sound, and he works hard to communicate and cooperate with all parties.

My purpose for writing this letter is not to tell you to blindly vote for my dad. Rather, it is my hope you can catch a glimpse of how stellar Mike Samson is, investigate what he stands for, and make an educated decision regardless of what political party is listed below his name.

No other candidate for this race has knocked more doors than Mike Samson. After one summer evening, I asked him why he just didn’t have others knock doors for him. Without hesitation he replied it was important to him to have personal contact with every person ” spoken like a true representative of the county.

During various county parades, it has been humorous to see the different Democratic and Republican candidates interact and sometimes ignore one another. With a sincere cheerfulness, I’ve watched him time and again initiate conversations with his opponent and those who some might consider his foe. It is apparent he realizes the importance of civility in life and the political realm.

If Mike doesn’t know the answer, he can be trusted to say so and studiously find the answer. While I was visiting at home, he received a phone call from a very aggravated individual regarding new statistics that had come out on a political issue. My father was not aware of the report but promised the caller he would research it, and call him back within two weeks. He did exactly what he said he would do. I don’t know if the caller will vote for Mike, but I do know he knows Mike Samson is a man of his word.

Kathryn Samson

Salt Lake City

I interviewed all six Garfield County mayors as to why they are all supporting Steve Carter to be our next Garfield County commissioner. Two common themes emerged.

One is that Carter simply has the experience. They pointed out he was both a respected judge, and also an advocate for cities and towns, for 30 years. Most, like Dave Moore of Silt, said this kind of experience in dissecting local issues is too good to pass up.

The other reason the mayors told me they support Steve Carter is his desire to better manage the challenges of growth. Bruce Christensen, the mayor of Glenwood Springs, told me the pressures of increased growth are becoming more and more critical for this county to manage. He trusts Steve Carter to handle these, and to open up communications with the cities and towns.

Some of the mayors echoed Carter’s promise to have open, “transparent” government, and put an end to the closed-door, secret meetings the current commission insists on, even to do trivial things. Carter says government should be open, public, and available to the people, not done behind closed doors in secret executive sessions.

As an elected official myself, I have rarely witnessed such unanimity among all six of these individuals. All the mayors agree Steve Carter would be the best choice for county commissioner.

Greg Russi

New Castle

While the candidates spout off about hope and change, I’m just hoping I have some change left to spend after Nov. 4.

A change for two dysfunctional federal agencies would be worthwhile. I’m talking about the U.S. Border Patrol and the D.E.A. The latter, by its own admission, is only 10 percent effective in drug interdiction. The former can’t find enough people to guard our vast, porous borders.

If the average worker bee expected a 40-hour paycheck for four hours of work, they’d be canned in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the DEA is an entrenched, self-serving bureaucracy. They turn hardworking, taxpaying, nonviolent citizens into well-rounded criminals, while making prisons one of our biggest growth industries.

Why not put those DEA agents where they can actually do some good ” along our porous borders? It would result in more illegal aliens and drugs being caught before entering our country.

I’m not crazy about restricting the retail of righteous reefer, eventually the bozos in charge will figure out legalizing and taxing the wacky weed is much more economically and socially advantageous.

In the meantime, let’s implement some changes which make sense.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


It is impossible to overlook. Glenwood Springs has had a facelift over the summer.

Even Safeway has poured at least a half-foot of asphalt over their legendary, concrete parking lot.

This is why I am taking stock in Mobile Mansion Corp. Sole manufacturers of a 25-foot vehicle designed especially for human parking-lot habitation, the Mobile Mansion is yet unchallenged in the housing industry. Designed by retired U.S. naval engineers, it can house a family of six comfortably and with energy efficiency. It is easy to maintain and repair; financing is even available to foreign nationals.

The Mobile Mansion is powered by a biodiesel/hybrid motor, and HVAC is fueled by a bio-friendly nuclear fuel cell. Water and fresh air, so the mansion can be parked anywhere, are provided by a hydrogen evaporator, which is able to recharge itself with the excess hydrocarbons present on every modern parking surface.

For those concerned that parking-lot inhabitants will be lacking in “earth stewardship skills,” also available is the BSS, or bio super sucker, which is powered by garbage or human waste. In factory tests, the BSS was able to clean from any surface up to 10,000 Budweiser cans and Camel cigarette wrappers per hour. Also available as an option is the Bio Sweep. The BS is able to carefully and quickly remove ” without harm ” all stray cats, lost puppies up to 40 pounds, and small abandoned children from all level surfaces ” while it uses only the natural molecular breakdown of asphalt and concrete as fuel.

The Mobile Mansion is clearly right for our time, and this renaissance in parking lot beautification is right for the M/M. Never has there been a greater need to house cheap labor and seasonal workers with such space and cost savings. Businesses, replace that Help Wanted sign with a M/M in the front of your store and advertise your good service today.

Just married? Find a home now, instead of waiting until you relocate and retire. Visit your Mobile Mansion dealer today, one is soon to open at a parking lot near you.

David J. Blazier

Glenwood Springs

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