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According to John Martin’s letter (Sept. 30), Garfield County is spending $1.5 million in taxpayer dollars and $1.5 million from a Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant (which is funded by gas severance tax) to improve County Road 204, so that one property owner can develop his mineral rights. Therefore, the rebuilding of that road will only benefit one mineral-rights developer and the energy company that will extract the gas, at a total cost of $3 million to taxpayers.

This is exactly why we need a per-well impact fee. Most of Western Garfield County roads are deteriorating because of industrial truck traffic servicing the gas well industry. We are constantly told energy development benefits our local economy. But where is the evidence of that?

It’s time to put John Martin out to pasture. We drastically need new leadership in Garfield County. Vote for change November 4. Vote for Steve Carter and Stephen Bershenyi for Garfield County Commissioners.

Peggy and Tod Tibbetts


Sarah Palin is the perfect candidate for the Republican Party. She is a perfect example of the intemperate, outmoded, bad judgment of John McCain. What was he thinking when he tapped her for vice president of the world’s preeminent nuclear power?

Her ignorance aside, Palin is a Christian kook who thinks she’s living in the last days. Won’t she be a great finger on the bomb button? She not only expects and hopes for world wide ruin; Sarah Palin will facilitate if she can. It would be a perfect opportunity, should something happen to McCain and Palin became president. She would “know” it was God’s will. Then she would have perfect freedom to act as she chooses since “everything that happens is God’s will.”

If Bush consulted “the Higher Father” before he led us into the disastrous Iraq War, can we not expect President Palin to have a direct line to Calamity Central?

Isn’t Islamic Fundamentalism enough already? Think it through a few permutations and see if you really want to add a Christian Fundamentalist with zero experience in world affairs to the mix.

Didn’t we get enough of religious litmus testing with Gonzales? Palin is a perfect example of what we can expect in McCain’s nominations for Federal and Supreme Court Judges. What about cabinet secretaries, agency heads and prosecutors for the Justice Department? She’s the perfect Republican for sure; supporting Alaskan secessionists, attacking her enemies from elected office, lying with a smile about everything from the Bridge to Nowhere to her travel expenses as governor.

Palin is the perfect smokescreen for voters who can’t see anything further than party, gender or religion in the voting booth. Sarah, the perfect attack dog for the swift-boating campaign being run by the business-as-usual, outdated, outclassed, desperate campaign of John McCain. Palin, the perfect candidate to lead us across a Bridge to Nowhere back to the fourteenth century.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

The morning Glenwood Springs Post Independent brought more good news today.

The taxpayers will suffer the consequences of trying to remedy every imaginary problem in the distribution of wealth.

The headline in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent telling of our $8-million-dollar investment in Freddie and Fannie securities is further proof of that old homily, “A little socialism is like being a little pregnant.”

Our county treasurer was forewarned, but with missionary zeal, evidently, overcame good judgment.

Doc Law

Glenwood Springs

Stan Rachesky, is it OK for Barack Obama to sit at the same lunch counter as you, or are you still dealing with that issue?

Ken Jones

Glenwood Springs

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