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Quality of life is an issue of great importance to this valley. Our local candidates pledge to preserve it in the face of energy production, development and even global warming.But why is there no mention of the illegal immigration epidemic which lowers every aspect of our quality of life? How much violent crime will we tolerate? Nationally, there are over 689,000 illegal-alien fugitives. Rapists, murderers, drug dealers and gangs are loose throughout the country and now find a safe haven in our valley.Why are we spending our tax dollars on the 4,475,000 children of illegals in our schools? Since 1996, weve spent over $14, 615,000,000 educating the children of people who have no right to be here.We allow our Social Services and health care systems to be bankrupted. Since 1996, Americans have shelled out over $397,473,000,000 in Social Service dollars to people that spit on our sovereignty.With unemployment at 15-year highs, there are over 10,695,000 skilled jobs that pay U.S. dollars to illegal aliens. Since 2001, over $314,440,000,000 has been wired to Latin America from the USA. How does this help our economy?The Council of LaRaza is illegal Hispanic immigrations largest advocacy group. Their motto is Por LaRaza todo, fuere de LaRaza, nada. Translation: For the race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing. Sounds like something the Ku Klux Klan or Hitler might have used.Think of the future of our children and grandchildren. Will we allow this foreign plague to rot the very foundations of our society?Bruno KirchenwitzSilt

Rosario Young takes me to task for slinging mud against John McCain. I wonder what Youngs definition of mudslinging is, anyway?I always thought it meant bearing false witness against another: what I wrote about McCains moral bankruptcy is all factual, a matter of record. In fairness, his/her comments about President Clinton were also factual, as far as I recall, but Rosario, Clinton is not running for president of the USA.I welcome a truce in the mudslinging wars, but, given the desperate situation in which the McCain campaign finds itself, I dont think thats gonna happen anytime soon, do you?Jan GirardotGlenwood Springs

Also addressed: Dear Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. of Arlington, Virginia,I received your mailer asking me to vote against Mark Udall because he doesn’t support oil shale drilling here in Colorado. You say he wants to create jobs in other states but not here. This is simply slander and fear mongering.I very much support Mark Udall. He is very much for creating jobs in Colorado. He will support an energy bill which promotes the creation of clean and sustainable energy jobs in Colorado. Oil shale development is one of the worst uses of energy we could choose. Besides being incredibly destructive to our amazing landscapes, it will take significantly more energy to extract the oil from the shale than the extracted oil will produce in the long run.I appreciate your organization exists to support builders and contractors. Perhaps you could support them by helping them be ahead of the learning curve as we transition to a clean-energy economy. Bringing an end to global warming and facing the end of oil does not have to mean the end of human commerce or prosperity. It does have to mean smart choices for our future. Continued or even expanded reliance on fossil fuels is not smart.An Internet search on Samso, Denmark will reveal several articles detailing the ways this small, conservative farming community has transformed itself into a major energy exporter, improving it’s economy in the process. Sweetwater, Texas has been similarly transformed. A citizen of Samso will be speaking in Glenwood Springs at an event organized by CLEER (Clean Energy Economy for the Region) October 27th. I live in Western Colorado. I love this place deeply. I want the oil shale to stay in the ground where it will do the least amount of harm.I support creating clean, sustainable, healthy jobs in Colorado. I support a prosperous, sustainable, healthy future for Colorado, the United States and the world, so I will continue to support Mark Udall.Thank you for your consideration.Dawn DexterSnowmass

If you are scratching your head on the amendments and listening to all the ads which say vote yes or vote no and you feel very confused, ease your confusion by voting no on all of them. Amendment 59 wants to De-Bruce, which means giving government an open check to spend as much as they want without you, the voter, having a say in what they do. Amendment 58 will raise your taxes no matter what, and there will be nothing you can do about it if it passes. There are four amendments which have been eliminated from the choices. Amendments 47, 49, and 54 if they pass, will limit the ability of the police and fire departments to do their jobs. Special people don’t have to follow the same rules you and I do and will not be given tickets for violations. More no votes, please. Every voting time it is so difficult to make sense of the words in the amendments. One amendment is telling a person what choices she can make with her own body. Is this America or Russia? Happy voting. Jan WalkerRifle

People can have legitimate differences about how to deal with the economy and war. Republicans and Democrats can have heartfelt, earnest disputes about abortion and other social issues.What is disgusting, disturbing and morally corrupt is McCain-Palin’s conscious tactic of whipping up the crocodile, limbic, pea-brain mentality of racism, hatred, and ethnic intolerance. Country First is code for Barack Obama is unpatriotic. Who is the real Barack Obama? is designed to make people think Obama is an Arab, Muslim, black-skinned boogie man. Their ads attempt to link Obama with terrorists. And for a scary few it works. Shouted at McCain-Palin rallies are calls of liar, Arab, and the equivalent of it would be good for the country and Republicans if Obama disappeared. The McCain-Palin tactics inspire letters to the editor spouting ignorance and ethnic hatred such as Obama hates America, Obama bin Laden, and He is a Muslim, locally and all across the country. What is unsaid but a real possibility is that these rallies and letters to the editor will ignite a violent act. Those who respond positively to McCain-Palin’s racist tactics are entrenched in their Klan mentality. For those who are undecided, who are decent, rational, analytical Independents, Democrats and Republicans, will want to vote for the person who reflects their values and views. But think of this. If McCain-Palin are willing to lie, dishonor the reputation of a decent American and put his life in danger to win an election, who are they willing to sacrifice next me, you, our children and grandchildren? If elected, what war are they willing to start next to get re-elected? Already, the ticket has abdicated their political soul to the fringe. Rovian, conservative handlers willing to appeal to the most base of human emotions. What McCain-Palin are doing is not just an attack on Obama. It is an assault on all the racial progress made in America and suggests an ethnic person should never be president.I am not voting for a ticket that spews vile rhetoric. Calvin LeeCarbondale

Ive got a front row seat on the economys roller coaster like most single parents. Purchasing trees seemed like it would be as pleasurable to my pocketbook as lets say, buying tires. But I went to Mountainview Tree Farm & Nursery on a Saturday morning whim and met Steve and Tami, who showed me around their wooded lot, pointing out many options, even providing full-color views from a reference book. After Id fired off more questions I could possibly count, I settled on two trees. These werent Charlie Browns, either. All my nave questions were expertly fielded and I became educated on the many complicated aspects of tree planting. I left feeling good about my purchase and the improvement the leaf-makers would do for our little home. Since the trees have been put in our yard, Ive gone to our window many times to just look at them and feel thankful. To my neighbor, Tom, thanks for edging our lawn, and to neighbor Dave, thank you for your saw, your back, and sacrificing a tow chain on the stump from the bowels of hell. Mom, thank you for not only cleaning up the kitchen, but for reminding me to appreciate the humor of my race with darkness whilst hosting galactic chaos. Thank you to my son for his beautiful sense of duty planting his tree, and a deep thank-you to Mountainview Tree Farm and Nursery for giving me much more than a set of potted woods. Steve and Tami, you were friendly, knowledgeable, and have a quality with customer service which goes beyond words. For me and my kids this has been a catharsis, not only sowing a promising spring, but a whole slew of new around here. Well have life in our photographic backdrops now. And now, maybe, I can focus on other goals, like buying tires.Jeff KrebillRifle

We are now three weeks away from the most important election of our lifetimes. At the local, state, and national levels, we face choices that will affect our lives.At the local level, those of us in Eagle County have two excellent county commissioner candidates: Peter Runyon and Jon Stavney. These men understand the needs of our mountain environment and economy, and are committed to overseeing the kinds of development which will benefit our communities in the long term.At the state level, Ken Brenner is running for state senate. Ken will work to protect Western Slope water and hold energy companies accountable for their impacts. He will also work to strengthen education and protect the environment, the foundations of our future.At the national level, Mark Udall seeks to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate. Mark’s years of representing us in the U.S. House of Representatives have shown him to be a effective champion of many issues including renewable energy which will strengthen our economy and protect our environment.The challenges we face are great and the choices are clear. I urge readers to educate themselves on the issues and support these candidates to ensure a healthy and prosperous future.Susan HassolBasalt

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