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I feel a little sorry for poor, deluded Mr. Krizmanich (GSPI Oct. 15). He doesn’t seem to realize that the Democratic Party, of which he is so proud, is no longer the party of FDR, Harry Truman or even JFK.

It’s very nice that he is so loyal to the party that is no longer loyal to its longtime members. Those mining towns now housing America’s super-elite just happen to house America’s super-elite liberals. Now that is ironic.

While neither party stands much for the little guy anymore, at least the Republican Party stands for the self-reliant principles, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (all 10 of them, not just 9), this country was founded upon and not the nanny-state socialism of the Democratic Party of the 21st century.

Senator Obama is not our “last big remaining hope for our country”; he is the end of our country.

John Getty


This is in response to Norm Shroll’s letter of Oct. 14.

The amount of misinformation circulating regarding various political candidates this election season is appalling. Mr. Shroll has fallen into the trap of repeating unverified, misleading and inaccurate statements when he discusses Barack Obama’s relationship with William Ayers.

Ayers was only one of many people involved in the creation, development and administration of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge ” the purpose of which was to raise and disburse funds for educational projects in the Chicago schools. There were also notable educators, corporate leaders, philanthropists, “mainstream Chicago luminaries” and the Republican governor. The challenge was funded by the Annenberg Foundation, established by Walter Annenberg, a well-known Republican, and which is currently headed by his widow, a McCain supporter.

Ayers did not choose Obama to be on the bipartisan board, did not serve on the board with Obama, and did not oversee the board. What Mr. Shroll calls “radical” had bipartisan support and “reflected mainstream thinking among education reformers” (“Education Week” Oct. 9, 2008, Dakari).

The spread of vicious lies and innuendo ” about any candidate ” undermines the integrity of our democratic system. Please, take the time to do your own research, utilizing as many sources as possible, not just those you agree with. One good source of information is Factcheck, a nonpartisan website that analyzes the accuracy of allegations made against all candidates, not just Democrats. Their stated mission is to be “as neutral and nonpartisan as humanly possible.”

Carole O’Brien

New Castle

I was watching TV the other night at a friend’s house and saw an ad for County Commissioner John Martin. I was shocked to see a local politician on TV, as this medium is normally the choice of big-money statewide races.

I then took a look at Martin’s financial disclosure on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website. In his most recent disclosure, Martin reported donations of only $1,850 ” much less than the cost of a glitzy TV ad campaign.

This raises two possibilities in my mind: Either Martin has not accurately reported his donations to the Secretary of State, or Martin has received some rather large donations in the past few weeks.

If our commissioner race is being manipulated by big-money outside interests, Martin should immediate disclose who is funding his TV campaign. The voters have the right to know.

Michael P. Blair

New Castle

I’m a registered Republican but cross party lines on several issues. When it comes to elections, I believe in voting for the best person for the job, so I’ll vote for Democrats, Republicans and Independents. In the upcoming national election, until recently I wasn’t supporting either McCain or Obama. My husband and I intended to adhere to our Libertarian principles and yes, “throw away our votes” by writing in Ron Paul, because we believe he’s the best person to lead our country out of its current troubles.

Recently we changed our minds and decided to vote for Obama. The McCain campaign’s pathetic attempt to win over women and Christian voters by running Sarah Palin for vice president is an insult to all Americans and to the republic itself. Selecting a candidate solely on the basis that it’ll help win an election is not putting “country first,” it’s putting campaign first. Palin is totally unqualified. She is ignorant of our governmental structure, the economy, foreign policy, and constitutional law.

Palin also doesn’t understand the meaning of American freedom. As mayor, she attempted to subvert First Amendment rights by banning library books. What about her “palling around” with anti-American secessionist Mark Chryson, a member of the Alaska Independence Party whose vice chairman announced they would seek to infiltrate the Democratic and Republican parties with candidates sympathetic to its secessionist agenda? Chryson played a pivotal role in getting Palin elected mayor and shaping her political agenda afterward. He said he’s hopeful Palin’s inauguration will represent the start of a new infiltration. That’s not the kind of influence I want in the White House, so though I wasn’t willing to vote for Obama, I am willing to vote against Palin.

But the final straw was the Glenwood Springs Post Independent letters in which lies and fear mongering are used to smear Obama’s character. In effect, John Herbst and Stan Rachesky have induced us to cast our votes for Obama/Biden. This will essentially cancel out both of their votes for McCain/Palin. That alone is worth giving up our support of Ron Paul.

Sue Gray


People have a right to know who is the real Barack Obama. One way to tell is by his associations or who he is beholden to. One of Barack Obama’s associates is an unrepentant domestic terrorist. William Ayers held a party in his home to kick off Obama’s run for office. He and Obama served on the board of the Chicago Annenburg Challenge (CAC), a public school reform project. Through CAC, Obama and Ayers funded the Coalition for Improved Education in South Shore (CIESS) with a $200,000-dollar grant. CIESS is linked to a network of schools within the Chicago public system named the “South Shore African Village Collaborative” (SSAVC), which sponsored extremist anti-American Afrocentric ideologues such as Jacob Carruthers and Asa Hilliard, both of whom were invited to speak at Trinity United Church of Christ by Jeremiah Wright along with many other prominent Afrocentric thinkers. All at a time when Obama was attending Wright’s sermons. Now we are supposed to believe that Obama had no knowledge of the educational philosophy he was so generously funding, sitting on a board with William Ayers?

Then there is Obama’s association with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), under investigation for voter fraud in 14 states. As a director at Chicago’s Woods Fund, Obama was successfully pushing for a major expansion of assistance to ACORN, and sending still more money ACORN’s way from his post as board chair of the CAC. Obama’s campaign paid $800,000 to ACORN for Get-out-the-votes efforts, but we are supposed to believe that Obama has no association with ACORN.

There many are questions about Obama’s associations that have nothing to do with the color of his skin. Wanting to know the truth is not racism. After referring to McCain and Palin as liars, people with “Klan mentality,” racists using code words, limbic, pea-brained, warmongers and “Rovian” (as in Karl Rove), Calvin Lee states he will not vote for a ticket which “spews vile rhetoric.” Ironic to say the least, eh?

Everything I have written is a matter of record, do some research yourself and find out the truth.

Joe Blanc


Why would I want to add almost half a cent from my shopping dollar into an already good bus system? To qualify for $21 million in federal grants, for starters.

I want to make Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) better, faster and cheaper. I want RFTA even more convenient and attractive to folks with tighter time schedules. To reduce even more cars on the highway and make the environment cleaner. I want us to expand routes for the elderly. I want to be able to consider the added infrastructure and premium pricing of a compressed natural gas system for our buses.

With added scheduling, smaller vans can be considered, because the midday school classes of 30 would still be serviced.

I’m not fooled. I know the price of fuel historically drops right before elections and historically springs back before Christmas to continue rising. We will need the best bus system we can give ourselves.

As a plus, RFTA is an active member of the Rocky Mountain Rail Authority, joining 64 Colorado municipalities in planning for high-speed rail on I-70 and I-25. I can imagine a quiet, high-speed, overhead, monorail running up Colorado highways someday, and a stronger RFTA will better position us to get there, too.

I’m voting “yes” on 4A.

John Hoffmann


How important will leadership be in the coming months? As everyone now realizes the events of the last three months, and most notably the last three weeks, have focused our attention on the real need to cross party lines in an effort to rebuild the American economy. What may be less obvious is the affect recent events will have at the state level. This same bipartisan leadership will be critical for the survival and viability of a strong Colorado economy. With the upcoming election we will have a unique opportunity to assure the future success for our children. Sound fiscal practices and balanced decisions will calm our fears and lead us beyond the present difficulties.

For residents of Colorado Senate District 8, the choice for leadership is a simple one. A single candidate has proven time and again his ability to successfully reach across party lines on issues such as education, economic stimulus, funding for the developmentally disabled, affordable housing, open space and private property protection.

His name is Rep. Al White.

From our days as owners of an inn, we experienced firsthand Rep. White’s efforts to secure $20 million in tourism funding, ensuring the viability and survivability of the region’s economy. As the former president of the Steamboat school board, I had the pleasure of working with Mr. White to invest in the future of our children. His efforts resulted in an additional $4 million to the Steamboat School District alone, providing higher salaries to reward our venerable district staff for their tireless efforts. In addition, during his tenure in the Colorado Joint Budget Committee, Rep. White championed support for the developmentally disabled.

These efforts and the nearly 50 bills passed in his seven-year term as a Colorado representative, demonstrate Al White’s ability to transcend partisan politics. Whether a member of a Democratic- or Republican-controlled legislature, Al will get the job done.

As U.S. citizens, we reserve the right to support the best candidate for election. As Democrats, we treasure the opportunity to support a Republican as the next Colorado State Senator, District 8.

Tom, Roxane and Taylor Miller-Freutel


Ken Brenner is running for the Colorado State Senate from District 8 (Eagle and Garfield counties). I have spoken to Ken several times, and like his ideas especially about keeping water here.

He is from a fourth-generation Colorado family, grew up on a ranch and is an avid outdoorsman. As a city council member and county planning commission member in the Steamboat Springs area, he knows the issues facing Colorado towns such as water, housing, growth and land use policies. He said he is not a career politician.

I hope you will consider voting for Ken.

Cathleen Krahe


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