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A difficult and consuming job ahead? What kind of person would think he can handle the presidency of this country at age 72 for four long years and perhaps beyond?

Dale Reed

Glenwood Springs

Mr. Shroll, allow me to answer your question: “What will it take to change the minds of people who are convinced that Obama is the greatest thing since flushing toilets?”

Perhaps you don’t read or watch TV, besides the Drudge Report and Fox News.

Maybe you haven’t checked your 401K balance lately. Or listened to Sarah Palin. Or heard John McCain say he “doesn’t know much about the economy.” Or chant “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.” Keating Five ring a bell? Drill, baby, drill? No such thing as global warming ” although the arctic ice cap is vanishing. How about seeing Russia from your kitchen window?

Maybe our minds would change if we weren’t constantly mislead. Take your assertions about Obama “working for” Bill Ayers, a far-left 60s (that would be 40 years ago) radical, and now an educator at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Since he’s a “terrorist,” I wonder how he holds the title “distinguished professor?” The Chicago Annenberg or School Reform was established in 1993 to revive and inspire school reform nationwide. (Not to raise “political consciousness.”) Walter Annenberg was a lifelong Republican who served under Nixon as Ambassador to Great Britain, and his widow to this day is a McCain supporter. Bill Ayers helped to conceptualize the foundation, but at no time was he ever a board member with Obama, who was one of the founding members. Ayers never “ordered” Obama to do anything. He wasn’t even on the board or capable of that decision. And what “political propaganda machine” did Ayers supposedly “pick” Obama to be a part of?

You mentioned ACORN- (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) which is undoubtedly liberal, but a mere fraction of the “external partners” who distributed money from the Annenberg Foundation. The vast majority of the partners were, among others, the Chicago Symphony, Northwestern University, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Commercial Club of Chicago. Your statement that the program’s purpose was to “conduct classes on radical political ideas” is absolutely ridiculous.

What would it take to change our minds? Just keep writing, Norm.

Dana Andersen

New Castle

A dirty little coward threw a rock through a storefront window at the Barack Obama for President Headquarters in the darkness of the middle of the night. Then, like a yellow-bellied criminal that he was, fled.

This type of childish nonsense and attempted intimidation is not what happens in my hometown of Glenwood Springs. In Garfield County, we are better than that. In Glenwood Springs, we make our decisions at the ballot box, not by throwing rocks.

I am voting for Barack Obama.

Don Kaufman

Glenwood Springs

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