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If you are voting by mail, be sure to affix sufficient postage. One first-class stamp is not enough in most counties. In Pitkin County, for example, almost 60 cents is required.

Your voting package will not be delivered without sufficient postage.

Mary Boland


To Michael Capraro:

This is in response to your letter that appeared in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent on 10/14/08. I am not quite sure why you think parents should put up a deposit of $1,000 for you to get good grades and stay in school. And I am really not quite sure of your thinking that the student should get the money for doing well in school. Please explain this to me later on.

Love, Dad

Brian K Capraro


I believe Joe Krizmanich is on to something (Glenwood Springs Post Independent 10-15). He says he’ll vote for the candidate the Democrats put up because, “My grandparents and parents were exceptionally strong Democrats.”

That is the best argument I’ve heard for voting the Democrat ticket this year. It ignores the consequences of voting for Obama/Biden and keeps the voters’ conscience clear when we all suffer the results of their choice.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Garfield County is at the epicenter of a huge natural gas boom, and the county commissioners play a hugely important role in many aspects of the county’s gains and losses from the industry.

One of the positives is that our economy is doing well, but there are negatives which come with the ever-increasing energy development. The Sept. 23, 2008 Glenwood Springs Post Independent article entitled, “Toxic emissions raise red flag,” stated acute problems from toxic emissions from natural gas development were cited as emergent problems for health for Garfield County residents. A group of seven researchers from the University of Colorado-Denver and Colorado State University said there are “major gaps” in air and water quality studies in Western Colorado.

In order for Garfield County to have an informed idea on how to protect its citizens and preserve the quality of air and water, it is absolutely necessary to have adequate data collection. Benzene, a known cancer-causing agent, was detected at 12 of the 14 air monitoring sites at levels of concern in the 2005-2007 air quality sampling done in Garfield County ” that was a red flag. Impacts to water quality also loom large as toxic chemicals are used in both drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations.

As Garfield County leads the state in the number of drilling permits and active wells, with huge growth predicted, this county needs to be prepared to deal intelligently and fairly to offset the impacts. Not gathering data and not using the available data is not the solution. The county’s infrastructure, from roads being damaged by industry traffic, to schools and housing, needs to be fairly compensated by the industry which is currently making its windfall here. This requires prudent regulation; not just rolling out the red carpet for the industry.

As county commissioners, Stephen Bershenyi and Steve Carter will demand adequate data be collected and used to protect the citizens.

Tara Meixsell

New Castle

You may know High Country RSVP is a volunteer program which sponsors several initiatives to assist seniors. We want to let Glenwood Springs residents know we are starting a new program to provide some basic assistance to seniors of limited means still living in their homes, who might need some assistance with basic yard maintenance or simple home maintenance.

While we cannot do everything, if you will give us a call we will do our best to either help or to connect you with additional resources to help. We have attracted some great volunteers, but we always need more, so if this type of service appeals to you please also let me know.

If you are a senior (or know of a senior) who can use our help, please call our Helping Hands for Seniors phone line at 384-8746. One of our volunteers will respond to your call.

Cheryl Cain, High Country RSVP director

Glenwood Springs

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