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I come from back east in the mountains of North Carolina, where hardwoods like oaks and maples grow tall and strong with beautiful mountains turning multiple colors this time of year. Traveled around some, but never thought of moving until I came to Colorado where the awesome beauty of a different kind overwhelmed me. A vast scenic breathtaking beauty no photo or picture could ever reveal. The Rocky Mountains with its vast open lands of freedom and opportunity for solitude captured my soul. A place, but not just a place but a very special place where we as Americans can be proud of and a place we can explore and see the vast beauty God has put before us to enjoy and yes, to protect. A place where many and most have enjoyed and come from near and far to express their love of nature and the physical challenges it offers. To take these sacred grounds for granted would truly be a sin in God’s eyes. The citizens of Colorado do not have to be told this because they can see it all around them, and it speaks for itself.

A time of concern now crosses the landscape here in this beautiful place as never before. Natural resources and exploration invade these sacred lands bringing many new visitors seeking jobs and wealth. A time of national despair, pushing for needs and sacrifice as our nation cries out for oil independence. The scars across our lands show the desperate efforts and sacrifice we are now enduring.

What if we sacrifice our Colorado, its treasured waters and scenic lands for a few more years of oil independence? What is the cost and what is the worth to our nation? Certainly we can search for alternative fuels more aggressively, and yes, research better ways to extract our natural resources in the best, safest, and most non-invasive ways possible.

I believe this is very important when it comes to our concerns here in Colorado. This is why I am supporting Ken Brenner for the eighth Senatorial District seat and believe he is our man.

Jim Childers

New Castle

Apparently someone hit a baby deer near the gravel pit on Highway 82 this morning.

It was standing stunned in the middle of the eastbound lane, with cars swerving all around it when someone in a pickup truck pulled over shot it in the head and threw it in the back of their truck with their trash.

This did not go over well with the eyewitness.

I have not heard back from anyone on the e-mail I sent last Saturday following up on our strategy meeting. Where do we go from here? Can we please do something this year besides acknowledge the problem? Hopefully it is not going to take someone getting killed before the powers that be are spurred to action.

Frosty Merriott


As an Independent, the District 3 County Commissioner race is especially difficult to choose a candidate. I truly think both men are very qualified for the position.

However, because a long, personal relationship with Mike Samson, I feel he is the candidate to vote for.

Having Mr. Samson for several classes in high school showed me his passion and enthusiasm for making people better. He truly cared about making students better people that exuded integrity. He devoted himself to helping the school be a better place, committing himself to clubs and activities to reach a broader swath of students.

I also saw how hard Mr. Samson worked and cared about the city of Rifle, his family, and his faith during those years. Everything he tackles in life, he does with gusto and true devotion.

Mr. Samson was one of those select few teachers who inspired me to better my life. I am an educator today largely because of the influence he had over my life. I’ve stayed in contact with him ever since I graduated, and he’s always willing to lend support.

It is these qualities of hard-work, passion, and devotion which make Mike Samson the perfect candidate for county commissioner. I know he will fully commit to the position and bring a fresh face to politics in the county. He will always work for ideas he truly believes in.

I urge everyone to vote for Mike Samson come election day. With every vote is a breath of fresh air in the stale climate of politics in the valley.

Paul Harvey


The city of Glenwood Springs is a model of what is wrong with government spending today.

I see the Midland Avenue traffic-calming features have a price tag of $1.7 million, all to try and get people to drive 25 miles per hour.

Maybe I didn’t see the memo, but isn’t the responsibility of controlling speed on our public roads that of law enforcement? Why can’t we let the police do their job of enforcing the speed limit?

With $1.7 million, the city could hire three police officers and pay them each $50,000 per year for more than 10 years. This does not take into account any interest which could be earned on this money.

I can assure you if the Glenwood Springs Police Department was given $1.7 million and instructed to use the money to get the speed on Midland down to 25 miles per hour, we would see results overnight. When people start paying fines and higher insurance rates due to speeding tickets, they will slow down.

If you agree with the city spending $1.7 million by putting in glorified speed bumps and flashing lights on Midland Avenue, then fine, you can do nothing. If you think these funds could be spent in a better fashion, by all means let them know about it.

Call the city council and the mayor and remind them this money is not theirs, it is our tax dollars and we not only expect it to be used wisely, we demand it be used wisely.

By the way, the phone number can be found on page 48 of the Dex phone book.

John Douglas

Glenwood Springs

I try to stay abreast of news and happenings from my home town, even though I live in San Diego. I have lived all over the world, but there is no place like home. I like to look at photos from the paper because Western Colorado is a beautiful place. I’m proud to be from Rifle because it is truly is small-town America, where genuine people work hard for a living and there is such a thing as a community.

I recently read a letter in the paper written by a good friend who I grew up with and I have to agree with everything she said. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Mike Samson. A few years ago, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. It’s fair to say that the foundation of knowledge I have about the Constitution, the U.S. Government, and U.S. history is because of my high school teacher. Growing up with his daughter, I got to see how he and his wife used their values, integrity and hard work to raise six wonderful children.

However, knowing the issues at hand and the direction of the country, I think my dad will better understand what’s right for the community. My dad taught me how to listen and how to respect everyone regardless of race, gender, or anything. For over 30 years as county judge, he demonstrated how he is fair and how he will not judge without knowing the whole situation. He taught me you never get anywhere without a lot of elbow grease and heart. I learned to follow my dreams, to not give up at the first obstacle, and to not worry what others might think.

Steve Carter will listen to the needs of the people and will ensure this wonderful community isn’t lost to development, advancement, and greed. He understands compromise, fairness and the law. He lets his conscience lead him. My dad is an honest, hard-working, fair man and I’m proud of everything he and my mom taught me.

Jackie Carter

San Diego

The Republican National Committee spent $150,000 on clothes for Sarah Palin in just two months. She must be the best dressed soccer mom in the world.

I wonder what “Joe The Plumber” thinks about this?

Cindy McCain probably doesn’t spend that much, and she and Sen. McCain are very, very wealthy.

Janice Schwener


Isn’t it interesting Joe Blanc says he’s gleaned from my letters to the editor that I have an “extreme left-wing ideology.” Let’s see, I’ve criticized our leaders for violating the U.S. Constitution; for making war on a country that didn’t threaten us; for the torture and murder of countless Iraqi civilians and for using my tax money to support Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. Criticizing our government makes me “extreme left-wing?”

I suppose if Obama becomes president, all those who think he’s a terrorist and a dangerous enemy of America will just shut up for the next four to eight years?

Because if they write letters to the editor complaining about President Obama, according to Joe Blanc, that would make them left-wing extremists.

It’s also interesting Joe chastises me for calling attention to Sarah Palin’s well-documented associations with secessionists (I did not say she was a member of the secessionist party as Joe claims). Meaning it’s OK for Obama’s associations to reflect on his character, but the same can’t be said of Palin. Nice example of the double-standard, Joe.

Joe claims Palin didn’t try to get books banned from the library, she just asked the librarian a “what if?” question. I don’t want my government leaders even thinking about destroying my First Amendment rights, let alone asking about it. But in fact, she did both.

As for Palin’s grasp of governmental structure, she can’t even correctly answer the question, “What is the job of the vice president?” She’s been asked three times now, and got it wrong every time. Yes, she has executive experience. She certainly knows how to get things done. The concern for me, as it should be for all of us, is what will she get done, especially if she eventually becomes president? Eliminate evolution from the school curriculum? Enact laws discriminating against homosexuals and minorities? Appoint right-wing extremist judges? Attack Iran?

I only hope we never have to find out. Which is why, despite being a registered Republican and a small-government fiscal conservative, I’m voting for Obama.

Sue Gray


I think the article by Navy Corpsman David Haynes-Norton, in your paper on October 23, 2008, was very touching. I almost cried while reading about the little 3-year-old Iraqi boy who was burned by boiling water. How David treated him and cares about him.

Why don’t we hear more about the compassion of our troops? We only hear negative things about our military people.

God bless you David, we need more people like you. God bless America, too.

Alice Holmes


Obama’s tax plan will spell disaster for the U.S. economy. Like most leftists, he fails to understand you cannot raise the standard of living of the poor without economic growth, and you do not create economic growth by “spreading wealth around.” You have to create more.

Unfortunately, Obama seems to have his heart set on instigating revenge on the “evil capitalist classes” in form of higher taxes on big business, the very sector which drives the U.S. economy and whose economies of scale mean lower prices for the consumer. They’ll get back their money by raising their prices, which means Americans will have fewer dollars to spend on the kinds of things smaller businesses provide ” resulting in more small businesses folding or downgrading.

You do not raise taxes on the most productive during a recession. This economic truism has been ignored by Obama, who instead wins support from a populace drugged by the propaganda of the liberal mainstream media into thinking the most productive should share their wealth instead of using it as capital to create more ” the equivalent of stealing seed from the farmer to feed the villagers. I have gone to Obama’s site and looked up his tax plans. I have compared them with other candidates. Our family makes less than $100,000 a year and our tax bill will go up.

Have you wondered why people are running to take their money out of the stock market? Take a look at the capital gains increase to be implemented if Obama becomes president.

I have never feared for America as I do now. The far left, which belongs in the dung pile of history, may be about to seize power of the most powerful nation in the world.

They will destroy it and God knows what else.

Kevin Kelley


The Glenwood Springs Post Independent Editorial Board is to be commended for the very thorough and comprehensive evaluation of all four Garfield County Commissioner candidates published in the October 23 edition.

Your selections of John Martin and Mike Samson were well-founded, based upon detailed analysis and careful consideration as to the challenges which lie ahead.

During this campaign, I benefited greatly by having an opportunity to work with both of these men.

The depth of John Martin’s experience, knowledge and insight is extraordinary. He taught me more about Garfield County in three hours than I learned in the ten years I have lived here. John spoke of its history and heritage, as well as his very positive vision for the future.

Mike Samson is truly a man of the people and for the people. He has a knack of relating on a personal level with genuine interest and of communicating honestly and openly on the issues. Mike has a tremendous following of former students and fellow educators who vouch for his capabilities.

Electing John Martin and Mike Samson will be in the best interests of Garfield County and its citizens.

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


It is very unfortunate the Glenwood Springs Post Independent is recommending voters to vote against the New Castle Water Treatment Ballot Issue 2B. We don’t think the Post Independent understands the real issue. The water treatment capacity has been stretched for several years. The lack of water treatment in New Castle is an issue which will not go away.

These upgrades are the minimum needed to avoid water shortages in the near future. If 2B does not pass, this would mean more water restrictions and less raw, untreated water use on residential lawns, parks and open space.

Please vote yes on Ballot Issue 2B.

Art and Mari Riddile

New Castle

I read with dismay the October 23, 2008 Glenwood Springs Post Independent’s editorial recommending a negative vote for the New Castle ballot issue concerning water system improvements.

The need for improvements to the town’s water processing system is critical. The existing system filters are aging and are running at diminished capacity. If water shortages are to be avoided, the water filtration plant will need to be upgraded, and a new filter must be added to keep up with existing and anticipated demand. Even assuming passage of the ballot issue, the town will have to implement a strict water conservation program in order to ensure a consistent water supply.

Passage of the ballot issue, and implementation of water conservation measures, will buy the town approximately five years before the next phase of upgrades is needed.

Please recall town voters rejected an $8 million water system improvement bond issue last spring, which would have paid for all the required system improvements.

The town council was sensitive to the wishes of the voters, and has come back with a considerably scaled-down and creative $3 million program, the improvements for which will be implemented in phases over the coming years. The ballot proposition also includes funding for raw water transmission lines, which will enable portions of the town to use untreated water for landscape irrigation.

I intend to vote in favor of Ballot Issue 2B, and I urge all New Castle voters to do so.

The improvements proposed for the town’s water system are practical, cost-effective, and badly needed.

Andy Barton

New Castle

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