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This is in response to Mary Blichmann’s letter of Oct. 28. It appears the closer we get to Election Day, the more nasty and ignorant comments are made.

Your letter implied Mike Samson and John Martin are already responsible for the state of affairs here in “Gasfield County,” and they are supported by such. You need to do your homework, and I would ask regardless of who you vote for, you make it an intelligent decision not based on the fact you were born and raised a Democrat, therefore you will always vote Democratic.

I personally know Mike Samson, and know he won’t just listen and placate the citizens of Garfield County, he will actually do something about the issues.

I ask all voters to do their homework and don’t just go down the line and mark all the Democrats or all the Republicans. Know who you’re voting for and why.

Leslie Smith


Wake up, New Castle taxpayers. First we smartly declined when asked to fund an $8 million stinky sewer system fix. Demonstrating how much thought went into that request, the same folks now ask for $3 million. If approved, the money comes from increasing both your property taxes and your monthly water/sewer bill. This is essentially because not enough money was collected and/or set aside as New Castle expanded.

Two groups of folks should pay this cost instead of you. First, developers should have been assessed (or assessed more) and built it into the cost of their new homes, instead of shoving the expense on the rest of us. The same folks bringing you this proposal (that is all it is) should go back and add an ordinance or building code requiring that as we move forward, effective immediately. The second group is absentee landlords whose homes previously housed 2-3 persons and now house 10-12. I live near one example, I am sure there are plenty. New Castle has an ordinance governing Accessory Dwelling Units, which states, in part, that they are connected to the water and wastewater service lines if, among other requirements, the landowner pays tap fees of 0.5 EQR (one bedroom) and 0.8 EQR (two bedrooms). Why isn’t this extended to landlords renting to excessive numbers of tenants? Are those people not burdening the system unfairly for the rest of us? They should also be held responsible.

If you approve the request for this money, our elected officials have absolutely no incentive to be creative and find other solutions to the problem of rampant, unchecked population growth in New Castle. And if you think this is the only problem it is causing, just wait until the roads in your development are full of winter snow plus all the excess vehicles parked on both sides. There are ordinances about that, but we only have one zoning officer. Maybe it is time for another. It certainly wouldn’t cost $8 million.

Nancie Shauger

New Castle

I would like to give kudos to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent for its endorsement of Martin and Samson. They are both quality people who understand and care deeply about our county. Martin and Samson both have deep roots here, and have invested their lives in public service.

Bershenyi, Carter and the mayors have decried the money which has been raised by outside interests, even though those interests supply many jobs and keep our property taxes low. The Democrats have thousands of dollars which come to them from Pitkin County and outside environmental groups. Pitkin County has pushed all of their impacts off onto Garfield County. Have they ever built a school, firehouse or helped with police or roads? They want everybody to live downvalley so they don’t have to supply any of those things. On top of that, they want us to pay for their bus service. There are lots of places for homes in Pitkin County, but they won’t build them.

On the other hand, the gas industry has supplied good-paying jobs closer to home, helped build hospitals, schools, a new college campus, fix roads, fire equipment and myriad other things. On top of that, because of the assessed valuation of the gas, our property taxes have been kept low even though our house values have gone way up. Don’t believe for a minute they won’t substantially pull out if Pitkin County gets its way.

The only thing keeping us afloat is the gas business, which could disappear. There are lots of places they can drill where they are wanted.

If the mayors spent as much time worrying about their own cities as they do the Roan, they might actually solve some problems, like a bypass in Glenwood.

In Thursday’s Post, there were 476 delinquent tax notices. It could get worse. We need to protect the only economic engine left.

Vote for Martin and Samson. There was a sign along I-70 that said don’t Californicate us. Thanks for listening, and I say, “Please don’t Pitkin-ize us.”

Brett Jolley

New Castle

To the recent Glenwood Springs Post Independent letter writer who said she thinks “Carter is smarter,” I disagree. I don’t think it is smarter to raise our taxes to pay for projects when, for example, increased road funding can occur by using existing severance taxes.

Mike Samson is a fiscal conservative who believes the environment can still be protected, while at the same time fostering jobs and revenue from the energy industry. This is called balance, which is a whole lot smarter than the tax-and-spend liberal philosophy.

Colleen Rominger


Obama talks while McCain walks the walk. Case in point, equal pay for equal work. Obama’s 28 male staffers average $54,397, while his female staffers average $45,152, or 83 cents for every dollar the males make. One of Obama’s five highest-paid is a woman. Among his top 20, seven are women.

McCain’s 17 males average $53,936; while his 25 females staffers average $55,878, or $1.04 for every dollar a male makes. Three of McCain’s top five are women, and 13 of the top 20 are women. Ladies, for whom would you rather work?

His choice of Sarah Palin as vice president was no mistake. I know any woman who raised four children to near adulthood and has been a mayor and a governor is better at multi-tasking and has more executive experience than a “community organizer.”

I have 33 years of law enforcement experience and know when seconds count, citizens have to have the ability to defend themselves at that moment. Obama and Biden have consistently voted against the right of self-defense for their entire careers as legislators. Obama has served as a board member of the Joyce Foundation, which is the money source for the anti-gun groups of this nation. The most frustrating part of my law enforcement career was arriving at the scene of an assault or robbery too late to do anything but console the victims (or their family members) and gather evidence.

I was amazed when Joe Biden informed us FDR came on TV in 1929 to advise us what he was going to do about the stock market crash. History says Herbert Hoover was president in 1929. He was the one who raised taxes on the people and corporations that ran our country’s industries and instituted protectionist rule that led to the Great Depression. This is the same prescription put forward by Obama to “cure” our current economic downturn. By the way, I never saw a TV until 1950.

Please vote Nov. 4, and choose with care.

James R. Adams


Not all Republicans share Mr. Diemoz’s view of FDR. Ronald Reagan wrote of his deep admiration for FDR in his autobiography: “I cast my first vote for Roosevelt and the full Democratic ticket. I soon idolized FDR. He’d entered the White House facing a national emergency as grim as any the country had ever faced and, acting quickly, he had implemented a plan of action to deal with the crisis.” Reagan voted for FDR four times, and worked to have the FDR Memorial built on the National Mall.

While Roosevelt was elected in November 1932, he did not take office until March 4, 1933. The Dow’s decline from 381 to 62 took place entirely under Hoover’s administration. Before the New Deal, the Republican Party and big business had long advocated the flawed policies of high tariffs, weakly regulated financial markets, a strictly balanced budget (even during downturns), and a disastrous gold standard that was restored under Calvin Coolidge. The Federal Reserve, tied to the gold standard, largely caused the start of the Great Depression.

Economic statistics show that FDR’s policy strongly benefited the economy. Between 1929 and 1932 gross domestic product fell by 44 percent ($103.6 billion to $58.7 billion). In 1934 GDP grew 17 percent to $66 billion. FDR’s temporary job programs boosted this strong growth. In 1935, GDP grew 11 percent to $73.3 billion. In 1936, GDP grew 14 percent to $83.8 billion. In 1937, GDP grew 9.7 percent to $91.9 billion. After the strong GDP growth of 1933-37, the Federal Reserve caused a sharp recession in 1937 by raising interest rates. And as most people know, the Federal Reserve operates independently from the administration.

Roosevelt did raise taxes in 1940 to fund the military buildup. Back then the people of the U.S. felt that all Americans should sacrifice to support the war effort. This stands in sharp contrast to the Bush/McCain philosophy of sending our kids to war while cutting taxes and borrowing needed funding from China to ensure that no one on the home front is burdened by the Bush/McCain war.

Leslie Selzer

Glenwood Springs

During a recent weekend, Oct. 26, I was in New Castle for a bicycle ride. I noticed the price of unleaded regular gasoline was $2.89 at the Conoco at Exit 105. Just nine miles down the road in Glenwood, the Conoco at Exit 114 was $3.15, $.26 per gallon more. I noted it was the same $3.15 at Shell.

How does our local gas station cartel justify this difference? Surely the nine-mile drive for the gasoline delivery truck does not warrant this hike in price.

My suggestion to all residents of Glenwood Springs: Stop buying gas here. Go to New Castle and reward those gas stations with your business.

Sheryl Doll

Glenwood Springs

Recent news articles praised the opening of the exclusive bus lane on the Aspen end of State Highway 82. This was purported to be “the only exclusive bus lane in rural America.” Not surprising, considering the mindset of residents of the area who have accepted this ridiculous proposition. Twenty-two buses an hour are projected to use this lane during peak hours. If the lane were to be opened to cars, 2,000 cars per hour could use the lane (Highway Capacity Manual). Delays for workers serving the Aspen area would be reduced and frustrations greatly mitigated.

Colorado highway users were sold a bill of goods by pressures exerted by the Federal Highway Administration, who insisted mass transit be given preference during development of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Unfortunately, the Colorado Department of Transportation officials did not resist that pressure, and it has always been a popular idea with the Aspen elite who very seldom drive the highway during rush hour.

Hopefully, leaders will rise up and work toward changing this situation even if it means creating a supplement to the old EIS.

Dick Prosence


Also addressed: Dear Girardots,

Who had to pay for your road to nowhere upriver? Yes, I am referring to State Highway 82 as a road to nowhere.

Universally, it is the county taxes collected from those who live and work along or at the end of a county road that pays for a county road so their product and employees can go to and from market and school buses can fetch students. In this case, the product warms toes in winter all across the state and grills barbecues in summer. Let’s not forget the item that is actually grilled all across the state, either. Hummmm!

I am horrified Gov. Ritter is using our county’s tax dollars elsewhere.

Marilyn Oden


I’m not usually one to complain (at least not publicly), but I have a request of all of us. I’ve noticed way more trash in our valley lately ” along the sidewalks and roadways, in our parks, everywhere. It’s not just a few cups here and there, I’m talking about bags of trash, newspapers, tarps, bottles, cans … the kind of stuff that we should be able to dispose of properly, or recycle.

We live in a beautiful place, let’s keep it that way.

Brad Janssen

Glenwood Springs

I just finished reading the article “Titans, Demons win TRYF titles” in the Oct. 28 paper.

I am surprised to see there was really nothing in the article about the two teams who lost the Super Bowl. Although Aspen and Parachute lost, they both had great seasons. I’m just wondering why our coaches weren’t interviewed? Or why our players’ names aren’t listed in the article? We worked just as hard and had just as great a season as the New Castle and Glenwood teams. Just wondering why we didn’t get any recognition for it.

Amie Martin, Piranhas mom


Saturday, Oct. 25, while my wife and I went to Glenwood to do some business, some low-down person shot our dog right in front of his dog house in our backyard.

It is getting pretty bad when people have to stoop so low as to hurt a pet right in the privacy of its own yard.

Yes, the dog was in surgery for three-and-a-half hours to repair a 22-caliber bullet wound to his left shoulder.

Thank goodness I found him right away and rushed him to the animal hospital in Carbondale and they patched him up.

Our dog is not running loose like some other people’s dogs and cats are, up here in the Elk Creek Subdivision above New Castle. He is also a very nice and quiet, well-broken husky and shepherd mix. He doesn’t bark or bother people at all.

The person who did this to my dog doesn’t have a heart or a soul, and is the lowest of the low in my way of thinking.

Don’t ever let me really find out who you are, or hear you did this low-down shooting of a harmless pet of mine or anyone else. I can truthfully say if I catch you, it won’t be good.

Robert McCarthy

New Castle

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