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Nancie Shauger is not alone in confusing New Castle’s water treatment plant with its waste water treatment facility, but there are many important differences. Shauger calls for developers to bear the burden for the waste water plant. That is, indeed, exactly what the town has done. New Castle has already secured a loan to rebuild the aging waste water plant secured by the tap fees paid by developers.

The water treatment plant, which purifies drinking water, also needs upgrades. Some of the water filters are more than 25 years old. The town has been lucky so far the filters have held up during spring runoff and the summer lawn irrigation season.

The proposed property tax assessment to pay for minimal upgrades to the water treatment plant is a fair way to spread the cost. Developers and speculators holding vacant land in town will join current homeowners in paying $34.23 per $100,000 of actual property value as determined by the county assessor.

The water treatment plant must be upgraded. I urge New Castle citizens to approve the fairest way to fund the improvements.

Bruce Leland

New Castle

I read an article the other day in The Daily Sentinel regarding banks looking to relieve credit card holders of some of their debt burden, rather than have them “walk away” from their entire card debt. What about the card holders that are not in debt? What about the people who have maintained good credit ratings? Those who invested in the stock market with our hard-earned money and were counting on that for retirement. Those who did not go out and spend money we didn’t have, who did not buy “toys” we could not afford?

We are seeing our financial futures (retirement) lose more than 30 percent and getting worse. Where is the “bailout” for the people who did things correctly (supposedly)? What about their financial losses? Their retirement portfolios?

I had hoped we would be able to retire with our investments by age 72-75. Not now. To even get back to the point we were prior to this fiasco, the global market would have to right itself overnight. Then I would have to continue with the market at those levels for 7-10 more years. Just to get back to the level we were.

I was taught to work hard, buy only what I could afford, stay out of debt, and save for retirement. Where has that gotten my family?

I am getting very tired of hearing we need to help the financial institutions that made poor lending choices, allowed card holders to run up debt, and now getting “bailout” money because they mismanaged their businesses. They used our savings to finance those cards and loans. Now we, not the financial institutions, have lost our securities, retirements, and futures.

Where is the reward for doing the “right thing?”

Rich Burns


Did you know the town of Carbondale is now accepting compostable products? You no longer have to drive to Glenwood Springs. Acceptable items include cardboard (must be flat), newspapers, magazines, waxy cereal boxes, phone books and compostable plastic products (look for PLA on the bottom).

Please drop off at the Town Public Works Yard at 0756 Highway 133 (behind Grand Junction Pipe, across from Dos Gringos). Hours are from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, closed on weekends and holidays.

A Carbondale-based business, CaCa Loco Compost, will take these products and let millions of microbes and bugs make reusable landscaping compost, reducing landfill usage and closing the waste loop. It is very important there is no plastic for a clean process.

For more information, call Public Works at 963-1307 or contact CaCa Loco at 379-2344 for general information about the composting process.

Thanks to all of the community partners making this happen.

Jason White

Carbondale Green Team

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