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I am thankful my story of growing up in an integrated neighborhood appeared a day before our country elected its first African-American president. The American dream has been an important part of my life. Today clearly shows that the dream lives on. This is a truly great county we live in.

Herb Feinzig


Now I like some good creative writing as much as the next person, but what is “The Garfield County Post” … the “newspaper” that appeared in my mailbox this past week? Under the guise of “Serving Garfield County with local pride” and having a Delores, Colorado (yes that’s the spelling used) return address, this publication proceeded to slander both Democratic candidates for Garfield County Commissioner: Stephen Bershenyi with outrageous allocations of underhanded profiting in a local land deal, and Steve Carter with irresponsible dealings with illegal immigrants.

No one has come forward to claim responsibility for this appalling bit of prose, but I think the citizens of Garfield County deserve to know just who is the mastermind behind it and who paid for it. The election results are just too close to ignore this slanderous and blatantly-false propaganda. May I suggest some investigative reporting by the Glenwood Springs Post Independent is in order here?

I would also like to thank both Stephen Bershenyi and Steve Carter (and their families) for running very honest and thoughtful campaigns. As voters we deserve forthright information upon which to make our decisions. Let’s get to the bottom of this and find out just who took us for fools and attempted to fraudulently sway our vote!

Mary Noone

Glenwood Springs

If everything I read is factual, no evidence has been submitted to prove that Senator Barack Obama is a native-born U.S. citizen.

If this proves true, he is not constitutionally eligible to hold the office of President of the United States.

Why don’t the Democrats have the courage to carefully investigate the evidence?

Or, are only the Democrats legally allowed the have non-Americans as presidents?

Richard T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

There’s no doubt an Obama victory does indeed say something for how far we have come with regards to race relations. It’s pretty incredible how he’s managed to do so well in states you would never expect.

The honeymoon will end quickly when people learn how badly they have been hoodwinked. This movement to the center will be replaced by attacks on gun rights, more abominable partial-birth abortion legislation, higher taxes, welfare handouts for those who don’t pay taxes, mismanagement of foreign policy, and worst of all, two or three ACLU nuts placed on the Supreme Court.

Just remember, Barack Obama is one man; however, he will have to appoint over 1,100 people to various government positions the day he walks into the White House.

Who do you think he’ll be appointing? My guess is you won’t even be able to recognize the government in a couple years. How do I know this? Just look at all he owes favors to for starting his political career in Chicago.

At least the folks in Europe will be happy. We’ll have a president who can give nice speeches and promise we won’t ever defend ourselves again unless we ask the United Nations first.

It’s a shame this is “the one” to be the first black president. J.C. Watts or Michael Steele would be infinitely better choices. Election day 2012 is only 1,469 days away.

Kevin Kelley


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