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Re: Usurped handicapped parking in New Castle

Following the letter of Nov. 7 from Mrs. Brenckman concerning usurped handicapped parking, this concerns the New Castle “mall,” which I assume to also be private property.

In the mall parking, by the diner and close by elsewhere, are handicapped parking spaces. They have very faded blue icons on the ground, but no sign in front. So it snows. Guess what? Drivers who don’t need them and park there have no valid idea about the handicapped designation.

I have e-mailed the town at least twice. No response, and no change. I have handicapped license plates because I can’t walk much more than 20 feet myself, but no one seems responsible for those faded pavement marks and the lack of signs in front of them. And no one seems to care.

D.J. Gulliford


Today I am disgustingly not proud, if you will, to be an American.

I can understand people are afraid of “another Bush.” But Bush is a saint compared to this inexperienced, ignorant, socialist, liberal whack job who is called president-elect as of 9 p.m. Nov. 4.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, this foolish, egotistical, extremist, hypocrite is not my president. And I, along with others, will be praying every day that he gets impeached, as Bill Clinton was very close to being. I’m very disappointed America was too stupid to see through this terrorist-befriending so-called messiah.

The good news is it will only last four years guaranteed. God (yeah, the one we cling to along with our guns) be with us all. We’ll need him as we move towards communism.

Scott Palm

New Castle

Obama voters, you must know who it is you elected. Some voted for him because he’s a minority, others because they want change. It will be interesting to see just what type of change that will be.

He has not done anything in his political career, so no one knows. Despite the fact he has yet to do anything, you could write a book on the things about him we should fear, such as his terrorist associations, and the list goes on. If only a quarter of the allegations were true, he should still not be commander in chief, because each allegation on its own is so damaging.

Myself and many others are blown away by the ignorance that took place Nov. 4, 2008. What’s done is done, but please, please, now that your hero who could do no wrong in your eyes, as well as the media’s eyes, has been chosen, now take a look at who it is you elected.

He’s Obama. It seems, at that very statement, the brain turns off and the worshipping begins. Something is very scary about that, but it’s what I have witnessed with my own eyes, since the man arrived on the scene, which was very recently.

There is nothing anyone can do to open the eyes of the Obama supporters, so enjoy your “change,” whatever that means.

Here he is. All who voted for him, now you can meet him. Change is on the way, don’t you think?

Cindy Bradford

Coldspring, Texas

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