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Let me see if I have this correct. Our local leaders want to slow down the traffic on Midland Avenue, and to do this we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on studies and concrete planters, and now our local leaders are planning on spending a couple of million dollars on some other so-called traffic-calming ideas.Here is an idea. Why don’t we take all these millions of dollars in taxes that our leaders are flushing down the toilet on this project and give it to the Glenwood Springs Police Department? If I am not mistaken, the Glenwood Police Department has the authority to patrol that stretch of road, and they have the ability to write tickets. I am sure that Chief Wilson could put the $2 million to good use, he could hire a couple of more officers and increase the police presence on Midland, and lo and behold, the traffic is slowing.The best way to get a person to drive slower is by hitting them in the pocketbook. A speeding ticket will do this in two ways. First, with a fine and the second is when your insurance company finds out about it. You will be paying hundreds of extra dollars for a single speeding ticket for years to come. Just ask your agent how long the major insurance companies “look” at speeding tickets on your record: It is five years for the majority of them.I am sorry, but we already have a great traffic-calming device in place, it is call the Glenwood Springs Police Department.In conclusion, I would like to thank the city for allowing me to conduct this study on calming traffic, and please be aware that I will be sending a small bill for this expert advice. If you want to save time, you can just forward the check for $100,000 to my local post office box.Doug MeyersGlenwood Springs

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