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Regarding the recent stream of sour grapes which have graced the Glenwood Springs Post Independent letters to the editor, I can only say this: The people spoke Nov. 4 with a landslide victory for Barack Obama. Eight million more people voted for the Democratic candidate than his Republican opponent.

I am fairly certain Mr. Scott Palm, who is already expressing his desire for Obama to be impeached, has underlying reasons for spewing the obvious vitriolic hatred he has for Mr. Obama.

That George W. Bush can add his “signing statements,” changing almost 800 pieces of legislation to what he feels is right and not what Congress stipulates, and still not be impeached, is nothing short of amazing.

The “terrorist-befriending so-called messiah” comment speaks volumes to what the GOP smear campaigns have created with those who are uninformed as to the truth, or filled with hatred for other reasons, perhaps.

I have never heard the “N” word so many times as I have this year, and have heard a great many people say they think Obama will be assassinated. (Nobody, however, has said the same thing to me about McCain.)

I take issue with Mr. Palm’s assertion Obama is an “inexperienced, ignorant, socialist liberal whack job” as well. Sixty-five million people have elected to put their trust in a different direction.

We may be wrong. Time will certainly tell, but one thing is for certain: It would be pretty difficult to ruin this country and the reputation of the United States any more than the current administration has, and anyone who disagrees with that has their head in the sand (or perhaps they’re “resting up” at Guantanamo).

Dana Andersen

New Castle

It is very interesting there are citizens of our county who have no clue as to how the county’s budgetary procedures work; i.e. purchasing. All expenditures must be approved by our county commissioners. (The operative term is all expenditures.)

Our overzealous citizen in Silt must not be aware of the process. Yes, Bruno, I mean you! I have tried not to respond to your incessant, uninformed, venomous ramblings about the needs of law enforcement in our county. You have made it impossible to ignore you any longer.

We do not live in “Mayberry” anymore. Our son, as an officer of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department, places his life on the line every day. Does that offend you or deprive you of your liberties? Your constant, deleterious ranting is ceasing to be amusing or informative. You really need to get a grip on the real world facing us in our county.

There are three courses available locally and online. I recommend you enroll in them. Course 1: County Policy of Expenditures; Course 2: Communication and Personal Relationships in the Adult World; Course 3: Acceptance of Authority in Today’s World.

I believe we would all benefit if you enrolled in these extension courses. Information is knowledge. Bruno, you need information desperately.

Tom Ashworth


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