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I have seen too many letters complaining about the recent election of Obama as our next president. People have called this choice a mistake, and complained about Obama’s “connections with terrorism” and “socialist ideas.”

First of all, no presidential election is a mistake. This election has brought out the most voters ever, making it even more valid than any past election. Obama won by more than 100 electoral votes, in the same process that has been used for hundreds of years to choose our president. If you believe he should not be the president, then you simply have a problem with democracy.

Some of the world’s smartest people were involved in the creation of our constitution, and the process that chooses our presidents. If you have a problem with a country that chooses its leader by the people’s votes, then maybe you could find a nice dictatorship in which to settle down. In North Korea, for example, the people’s choice makes no difference.

Second of all, connecting Obama with terrorism is as absurd as connecting 9/11 with Iraq. Obama worked on a committee with William Ayers to fight poverty and improve education in Chicago. He was 8 years old when Ayers was a terrorist, and could not have been involved in any way. Furthermore, Obama has made no contact with Ayers in more than a year and a half.

Obama is also not a socialist. He has no connection with socialism or communism. And even if he did, education, military and police are all socialized parts of our society, and they all work fine. The Red Scare is more than 50 years old, get over it.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

Americans should have no reason to fear Obama. He was fairly elected, has no connection with terrorism, and will not turn us into a communist country.

If you are still afraid, then please, build a bomb shelter. If everyone who fears a black president is locked in their basement, it makes a better world for the rest of us.

David Ackerman


The idea that the passage of Amendment 58 would have caused the drillers to reduce or stop their investment in Garfield County because of equitable severance tax levies is ludicrous and unsupported historically by comparison with the history in neighboring states. My original home state of Wyoming learned this lesson many years ago. Their net severance tax gain for use to support education in Wyoming is one reason I enjoyed an outstanding high school education (NCHS ’43) and a career in engineering. Wyoming’s levy is about four times Colorado’s current assessment, even allowing for other tax credits.

I suggest the voters uninformed about severance taxes should interview the residents of Pinedale, Wyo., and ask if they think Wyoming’s higher severance taxes have inhibited the drilling in the massive Jonah Feld south of town. I dare say you will get a pained horselaugh, unless they are personally profiting from it.

High severance taxes for current state needs make sense because the money can be used for higher needs and is irreplaceable.

Larry Soderberg


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