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Perhaps it is time to write a postscript to the election with the observation that key matters remain unresolved.

For those who hold a strictly pro-life stance, the recent campaigns and election resolved little. Both parties in various ways violated pro-life concerns, and these are never considered in their totality.

Second, in terms of minimizing the growing influence of special interests on the Congress and the presidency, we may have just seen a trade-off of one group of lobbyists for another, not a real reduction in lobbying influences. It is well to note major corporations contributed generously to both campaigns.

Next, the staggering cost of the various campaigns almost guarantees a common person can rarely hope to aspire to some of the highest offices in the land. The Congress still remains a multimillionaires club.

Also, with this election we still have the anachronism of the Electoral College alive and well, with neither party stepping forward with an initiative to change or eliminate it forever, so the popular vote predominates. As it stands now, a vote in New Mexico is worth 1/10 of one in California.

The outgoing administration has exercised frequent use of executive orders, bypassing consideration of Congress on various matters. Indications are this practice will continue unabated.

No matter which party dominates, we still see increased bureaucratic growth with increased spending on defense, pork barrel projects or whatever. Politicians are of a breed that makes glowing campaign promises, many of which they can’t keep.

How about the gun control issue? The right to bear arms is an integral part of the Bill of Rights recently reinforced by the Supreme Court. Should certain questionable groups such as underage, emotionally unstable, incompetent, political subversives or persons with criminal records have unrestricted access to weapons? It is well known those outside the law always obtain weapons no matter how many or few are the restrictions on gun ownership.

So, let’s hear it from the left and the right about these unresolved issues … or do they matter? You, the voter, decide.

Dr. Mike Wadyko

Glenwood Springs

The Glenwood Springs Post Independent needs to have a standard other than 350 words for the letters it publishes. It is beyond understanding how the GSPI could publish poisonous, hateful, anti-American letters sent in by people who obviously have issues which go beyond politics.

Here is some advice. If you guys need some help with this, hire someone with common sense to figure this out for you. My wife says everyone she meets in town is friendly, and you must be making up some of these letters to increase circulation.

Leslie Selzer

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s Note: The Post Independent does not make up letters.

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