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I am writing this letter in response to Scott Palm’s letter in Monday’s issue.

I turned 18 this September, so this election has been the first I have been so fortunate to take part in. What an exciting election it has been.

It appears Mr. Palm is a bit confused in his writings. He doesn’t understand the definition of “impeachment,” which is merely a legal statement of charges against an elected official. Former President Clinton was impeached. However, he was never convicted or removed from office.

Apparently Mr. Palm was unaware and poorly informed, but I won’t go as far as to say Mr. Palm is ignorant. It’s puzzling to wonder how he accuses Senator Obama, a Harvard graduate, of being ignorant.

Mr. Palm, I’m not going to point my finger in your direction and call you a redneck, but I will tell you that you have helped me solidify the Republican stereotype.

Liberal whack-jobs and the majority of the American people elected Barack Obama to be our next leader for four years. I’m sorry you don’t approve, but hey, this is America and you can run for office if you believe you are the country’s best shot at success.

Continue praying for impeachment, Mr. Palm. Why don’t you get out there and get him impeached before he even takes office? Or why don’t you give him a chance?

Emily Wesley


OK, I have to say I’m getting a little sick of the angry letters to the editor from McCain supporters railing against President-elect Barack Obama. Coldspring, Texas? Are you kidding me? It seems to me the Glenwood Springs Post Independent should focus a little more on printing raving nastiness from people who can at least vaguely be considered our actual neighbors.

We know how Texas voted in the election. If they can’t cope with the results or the fact that the rest of the country also gets to weigh-in on the issue, now might be a good time to pursue that “Whole Other Country” thing.

I would just mention a sound majority of, dare I say, patriotic American voters chose Mr. Obama over more of the same. I mean, gee, we only listened to all the crap for about 20 months so I can see how you wouldn’t think we could make an informed and intelligent decision. Loudly repeating the desperate rhetoric and outright lies of the McCain-Palin campaign isn’t swaying any minds at this point.

I have some advice for you, not that you care. Many of us had a tough eight years with a President who was, and I am putting this delicately, not the sharpest tool in the shed. So my advice is; hang in there, it will be over before you know it. Shouldn’t be more than about eight years if history tells us anything. I’m sure now that you’ve had a chance to vent a little, you’ll get behind the new president just as you were fond of telling us to support the voters choice of the Dubya.

Jay Hammond

Glenwood Springs

Going up Three Mile Road yesterday, I observed a girl throwing several dozen bags of leaves over the embankment still in their plastic bags.

I called the police and was informed the owners of the Hideout campground and trailer park owned the embankment, and could therefor litter the side of the road.

Furthermore, the owners stated the plastic bags were biodegradable, so there was nothing to worry about. The many dozens of bagged leaves, as well as other trash, are visible from the road as one drives by; all of this while the city is hosting a free leaf recycling program one mile down the road.

I would like to ask the county commissioners and sheriff’s department if their take is the same as the Glenwood Police Department’s. It certainly isn’t very neighborly.

The term “trailer trash” aptly comes to mind.

Ross Stepp

Glenwood Springs

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