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With the election over, the media now focuses special attention on a decision by the Republican National Committee, which experienced a lack of publicity during the campaign. But it’s negative publicity, dealing with Sarah Plain’s wardrobe malfunction. Incidentally, it’s the decision which malfunctioned, not the wardrobe.

Bad decisions are subject to scrutiny, both serious and trivial. Political bad decisions are especially intriguing because of the significant media exposure and coverage generated.

We may never know who made the decision, but the real question is why ” what earthly purpose did the $150,000 Saks and Neiman Marcus apparel serve? It’s widely accepted Sarah’s popularity was based upon impressions she created, not clothes she wore. What logic implemented this shopping spree? I’ll answer my own question ” not logic, just bad judgment ” the RNC just wasn’t thinking, as usual.

But apparently Plain’s wardrobe merits more media attention and concern than all the decisions made by a group of blundering legislators which led to the mortgage debacle and the current national crisis.

So, how about some meaningful media coverage and truthful disclosure of the absolutely absurd decisions which led to our financial plight; specifically, those made by the likes of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Maxine Walters and other prestigious Congressional representatives?

If the media chose to objectively analyze these decisions, they could certainly rationalize by using terms such as “intelligence malfunctions” or perhaps “judgment malfunctions.”

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


How interesting the racists, supporters of the unlamented Bushies, those who apologized the illegal wars, the looting of the country, torture and a host of other crimes by calling themselves patriots and defenders of the faith cannot get their small minds around the fact the entire nation has repudiated their stand. We have just completed the first election in eight years where there was not some considerable doubt the election was stolen. The Constitutionally-mandated process was carried out and the majority has spoken. Barack Hussein Obama is the President-elect whether or not you want someone by that name as your leader.

Now, well before the new president has performed any official act, the purveyors of regurgitated Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh are screaming their heads off with dire predictions of socialism and moral ruin. Normal people usually wait until the kid next door breaks a window before they decry his behavior. We have a lot of broken things to clean up after Bush. Did any of you notice you didn’t get a piece of the action?

Didn’t corporate socialism work for you?

Here’s a thought for McCain lamenters; move to Alaska. You can still have an ignorant fool who couldn’t pass fourth grade English, civics or geography for a leader. She will agree with your bizarre religious fantasies, and tell you what a marvelous patriot you are. (The Palins cut a nice figure in their new clothes, too.) You can have a convicted felon for a senator and a representative who may end up the same. It will feel just like business as usual. Spend some time looking for the slimy rock Ann Coulter slid under, and eight years will pass in a flash.

In the meantime, people of good will and good sense in both parties will work together to redeem our country before the world, stop the wars for oil profits and perhaps even get the raging national debt under control. Real patriots accept the election results and move forward. Try it, it might just work.

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

Unity, hope must conquer division and hate because we cannot go forward as a nation this way.

If you did not vote for the president-elect, you have the right to disagree with the direction of the country after he takes office. Obviously, you have the right in this nation to disagree with anything which takes place and protest it and scream on the street corner about it.

However, how in good conscience could you actually pray for him to fail? For him to fail and be impeached would be damaging for this nation, for the future. Moreover, if you are praying to the Christian Lord, do you think after reading the Bible that He would appreciate a prayer for someone to fail?

I cannot imagine praying for another person to fail, and fail on such a scale he would be impeached. If you’re doing that, well that is stunning.

James Blatter


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