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Sept. 5, 2008, Aurora, Colorado. Illegal alien kills child plus two women. Francis Maudaniel Hernandez, was revealed had a long driving record dating back to 2003. Revoked drivers license.

Nov. 10, 2008, Avon, Colorado. Illegal alien, Horacio Marquez/Epifanio Larquero Castro arrested and charged with vehicular eluding, reckless driving, possession of cocaine, fake/forged drivers license; forged instrument.

Nov. 9, 2008, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Arrested illegal immigrant Carlos Efren Suriano, suspicion of identity theft, forgery expired U.S. resident Alien card. Suriano managed to get a job with a Glenwood construction company.

Enough is enough. It is long past time the laws be enforced. We the people demand the companies/employers that hire illegals be accountable and use E-verify. E-Verify signed into law: July 31, 2006. Effective date: Aug. 9, 2006. Impact: Requires employers who have contracts with Colorado state agency or political subdivision use the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program for 1-9 employment eligibility verification to verify the status of its newly hired employees.

It is time for our elected officials to see all the laws are enforced. If they don’t, we the people have the right to demand they do. We are the real leaders. Stay informed.

Nell Conklin


America currently faces unprecedented economic, environmental and national security challenges. We urgently need new jobs, stable energy prices, and freedom from dirty fossil fuels and global warming pollution. Lack of leadership and political will have allowed these problems to reach a crisis level.

As Al Gore has written, “Here is the good news: The bold steps that are needed to solve the climate crisis are exactly the same steps that ought to be taken in order to solve the economic crisis and the energy security crisis.”

We need to let our leaders know we support 100 percent clean electricity within 10 years to get our country and our environment back on track quickly. We can do this through energy efficiency, renewable generation and a national unified smart grid.

Repowering America means new industries with high-paying green jobs, lower energy costs and replacing dirty coal and foreign oil with clean domestic energy that is free and limitless.

Caroline Metzler

New Castle

Back in the ’60s and ’70s, Club 20 was a leader in the promotion of better highways for Western Colorado. Recently their focus has been on other issues. Having some influence in the 22 counties of Western Colorado, Club 20 could furnish a valuable service by getting active in the debate going on about highway financing. In order for an increase in taxation required if we are to have a safe and modern state highway system, strong leadership is needed. Club 20 could provide that leadership.

Only a strong bipartisan effort, without regard to party affiliation, can result in the legislation required for the tax increase required. When put to the vote of taxpayers, a united effort by legislators and citizens will be necessary if the public is to be convinced more of their money should be spent on state highways. Club 20 could be a leader in those efforts.

Dick Prosence


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