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This letter is in response to Ross Stepps letter that appeared in Saturday’s issue.For over 15 years, we have made it a practice to compost leaves at The Hideout Cabins & Campground as a way of reducing our impact on limited landfill space. The bags we use to transfer the leaves, not trash, from our main campground area to our upper field are BioBag Lawn & Leaf bags. These 100 percent biodegradable, 100 percent compostable bioplastic bags are made out of non-genetically modified corn starch. In less than two weeks time, the leaves have already begun to break the bag down with the entire process finished in less than 60 days. Our upper field is accessible by vehicle via Three Mile Road, where we then transfer the bags into our leaf-composting area. The compost bags left in this area are not visible to Three Mile Road travelers, nor are the bags left to litter the side of the road.On Sunday, November 9th, the police responded to your call to them and spoke with our manager who shared the same information above. On Monday, November 10th, an anonymous male caller left a message on our business answering machine in regards to the same issue. The caller threatened publicity and stated we were not neighborly, among other things. On the same day, you submitted your letter to the editor.The neighborly thing to do would have been to contact us directly with your concerns, allowing us an opportunity to respond and together come up with a solution which met everyones needs.Trailer trash? We prefer campground composters, its less discriminatory.Jeff and Shawna Blevins, ownersThe Hideout Cabins & CampgroundGlenwood Springs

My goodness! From the sound of Mr. Ashworths letter (Nov. 10 Post Independent) it seems Ive urinated on someones Post Toasties. My bad. But I do enjoy getting a rise out of overeducated stuffed shirts like Tom. Isnt it peculiar how some people, when confronted with an unpleasant truth, attack the messenger rather than the message?Tom, I fully appreciate how your son lays his life on the line doing his job every day. But he does get paid. No one forced him to wear a badge. If he wanted a less-risky occupation, he could work at a doughnut shop instead of visiting them, risking his life while on duty. Though the majority of cops are good public servants, there are some whod be living under a bridge in a cardboard box if they werent wearing that badge of authority.The county commissioners didnt ask for a terrorist-proof armored tank, our fearful sheriff says he cant do his job without one. If Lou really wanted to improve valley security, hed assist I.C.E. by providing some new jail space to hold felonious illegal aliens. But Lou cant run his little gulag without tasering handcuffed prisoners.Tom, we have a different view on the real world facing us. You focus on a perceived enemy without, while I worry about our protectors within. A poster I own succinctly states my attitude. On the poster, a little mouse sits on a high mountain ledge. A raptors deadly talons are about to swoop down and take the mouses life. But the staunch little mouse stands defiantly, giving the hawk a one-finger salute.Bruno KirchenwtizSilt

As a longtime citizen and voter in Garfield County, I am appalled with the involvement and investment by questionable outside political groups. Their attempts to influence the vote (and perhaps by extension the candidates) in our recent county commissioner elections merits further investigation. I believe all four commissioner candidates should file complaints with appropriate Colorado state agencies such as the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and the Governor’s Office. Misters Bershenyi, Carter, Martin, and Samson must be willing to take a stand supporting truth, transparency, and ethical standards. With some municipal-elected officials willing to risk endorsement of particular candidates, it is conceivable similar underhanded and untruthful tactics used by these groups could trickle down to municipal elections.The extreme lengths these shady 527 groups went to included the distribution of a fake newspaper to unaffiliated and Republican voters, comprising more than two-thirds of our county’s registered voters. The purported Volume 64, Issue 80 of The Garfield County Post contained falsehoods possibly being slanderous and libelous, causing defamation of character. Another group filed erroneous documents with the state reporting Paul Randy of Orion Energy rather than Paul Rady of Antero Resources made to-date contributions of $20,000 in support of local candidates. Mr. Rady admitted contributing to the group, Western Heritage to support the Republican candidates and their vision for the communities of Garfield County (GSPI 27 Oct.08).Many voters do not share this vision of status-quo politics, policies and operations as indicated by very close elections. Four years ago I lost by 229 votes out of 19,499 cast; Mr. Bershenyi lost by 350 out of 21,710. Questionable tactics used by these groups may only be the tip of the iceberg as to what lengths they and those they represent are willing go to protect their vision and investments. A common practice of gas industry workers is to work here for two weeks, then go home for two weeks. Perhaps an investigation is warranted into the possibility of being registered and voting in multiple locations/residences? Now is the time to take a stand.Greg JeungGlenwood Springs

Colorados natural gas companies are announcing reduced investment in our state, in part, because of new, over-the-top regulations. Some claimed earlier last year the industry was bluffing when they informed the governor their investments would diminish if new rules were rushed to order, without analysis. Now its time for our governor and elected officials to stop and listen. Recent attempts to bridle the natural gas industry shows poor judgment in timing, to say the least. This legislative session our Western Slope elected officials may have a fight ahead of them to review the proposed rules, and make sure final outcomes dont damage our economy more than the regulation proposals already have. With leaders like Josh Penry, Steve King, Laura Bradford and Jim Isgar, I remain confident my industry will remain viable in Colorado for decades to come, and capital investment will continue to flow to Colorado.Trevor TaylorGrand Junction

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