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This just in. On the tail of the national mortgage debacle, another example of federal government’s ineptitude has surfaced.

Apparently, a decision is pending regarding a royalty rate on production of oil from shale starting at 5 percent then increasing up to 12.5 percent. Why in the world does government want to impose a dis-incentive on an industry which is still in the development stages?

Setting an arbitrary rate before the cost of production has been determined is definitely not an inducement for private enterprise to develop new technology, but it stands to reason. How many congressmen ever managed a business or, for that matter, have been employed in the private sector?

According to reliable estimates, there’s a potential for 800 billion barrels of oil from shale deposits in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. This incredible potential calls for a marketing plan, not a government impediment program.

So, why not reduce the startup royalty to a buck a barrel for the first 250 billion barrels produced? Not only would this provide an incentive for the developing companies, but would truly benefit the nation by providing a means to pay off the $250 billion bailout plan.

So much for wishful thinking. This sort of constructive planning is diametrically opposed to our government’s concept of financing programs by taxing citizens and penalizing private industry productivity.

The total irresponsibility and ignorance of our leaders in Washington is not merely embarrassing, it is downright frightening. Why is common sense and good judgment so lacking?

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


Now comes a fresh helping of vitriolic verbiage from our feisty pundit from New Castle, not content with being on this year’s winning team, he feels compelled to rub conservatives’ faces in the mire, taking gloating to a new, low level. Neat, huh?

At the risk of blatantly bursting Boyle’s blasphemous bubble, I must rectify some rather regrettable remonstrations of his.

First, contrary to yet another false, partisan assertion by Boyle, this isn’t “the first election in eight years” free of doubt it was stolen. (When conservatives win, that must be the reason, you know.) 2004 was a rather convincing Republican victory for all but the most-deceived leftists; and as I shared in another debate, Bush actually won in 2000 fair and square, by a hair. But some will indulge their fantasies forever. (And “Bushie supporters” are undoubtedly “racist.” Whatever.)

Next, he fondly labels a decent, effective leader like Governor Palin (who was recently exonerated in “trooper gate”), “an ignorant fool,” who happily agrees with Christians and traditional Americans’ “bizarre religious fantasies.” Thanks for such kind words, Mr. Boyle. But really, can reasonable folks, including lovers of a loving God, expect much different treatment from secularists and anti-Christians? May as well as a ravenous leopard to shed its spots.

Then, amazingly, Boyle calls on “People of good will and good sense” in both parties to work together for the good of America. Oh, right. Does he seriously believe he falls into that category? If so, one wonders what he is smoking.

I, for one, am not prematurely railing against President-elect Obama, or decrying what may or may not transpire under his administration. We do need to give him a change; I even plan to pray for him.

But given his extreme leftists positions on numerous crucial issues (including his Senate record on some); and given that radical Palestinians in Israel celebrated his election in the streets, and that he was officially congratulated by Hitler wannabe, Ahmadinejad of Iran … this does give “people of good sense” a large boatload of pause.

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

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