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Directed to the Mexican consulate:I have always said with pride that I am Mexican. But nowadays I feel ashamed because of the attitudes of some high-level functionaries that claim to represent us, just because they talk on radio programs and wear suits and ties.Working behind a desk and being in charge of 50 people is not enough. They need to walk the walk, and be at the service of the people who need it the most.I have met at least three general consuls in the last seven years, all out of the Mexican Consulate in Denver.I ask myself, “Why are they replaced so often, and what are their real functions?” I ask this because they are unable to resolve the issues of sending the body of a deceased person with the promptitude it deserves. Why so much red tape and corruption? I am particularly talking about the unfortunate case of the two young people who lost their lives in a recent accident, Noemi from El Salvador, and Elizeo, our compatriot from the state of Chiapas, Mexico. At the moment of writing this letter, Jan. 18, Elizeo’s body has not been able to arrive at its destiny, supposedly because some funeral home in Mexico is requesting to keep the body until new flights are available, thus charging more money for the families involved.Honorable general consul of Mexico in Denver, I suggest you check your answering machines often in the different departments in the consulate, since it has been impossible to speak with you or any of your employees. Please loosen your tie, get your feet off the desk and get to work. Be more human and sensible, and think about the pain and suffering some families are going through, who after losing a loved one, now have to endure the torture of waiting for you and your people to take care of delivering the deceased after days or weeks of waiting.We need functionaries that function. Forget the “bla, bla, bla.” We want more actions and fewer words. That is the reason you are being paid – to serve your constituency.Marychuy RegaladoCarbondale

Hal Sundin is an excellent columnist/writer who occasionally goes off half-cocked, as he did in his Jan. 17 diatribe blaming our president for all the problems facing our nation. Personally, I am grateful for a leader who took decisive action after 9/11, releasing Afghanistan from the tyrannical Taliban, and destroying al-Qaida’s base of operations. Unfortunately, the remnants of the terrorists escaped into an extremely rough part of Pakistan where that government has declined to allow military action. However, women are teaching children in reopened schools in Afghanistan, and for that I thank President Bush for his leadership.Hal, along with many others, keep forgetting that almost everyone was in favor of going after Saddam, and cheered heartily when he emerged from the rat hole. If he had not been deposed, the headlines these days would be screaming, “Does Iraq have weapons of mass destruction?” We know he did, because he killed thousands of his own citizens with them.I have much trouble feeling sorry for terrorists in prison down in Cuba. Now if they were here in Meeker this winter, that would be a different story. I also applaud the concerted effort under way to expose terrorist threats, even if that means some loss of privacy and civil rights. If you are not doing something illegal, it is not a problem.Our national debt is a disgrace, but the accumulation of it began back in LBJ’s days, and Congress has never had the guts to do much about it. How about the farm bill this year? How about “ear-marks” (pork) inserted into every appropriations bill? How about salary increases for a do-nothing Congress that in the real world would be fired? Put the blame where it belongs! Thank you, President Bush, for providing the leadership that has protected our nation from any significant terrorist attack since 9/11. Dick ProsenceMeeker

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