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Also addressed: Mr. Jeung,

I can’t stop myself from responding to your letter in the Nov. 20 Glenwood Springs Post Independent. What questionable outside political groups are you referring to?

The only parties I remember for county commissioner were Republican and Democrat.

Are you really asking Mr. Samson and Mr. Martin to complain to state agencies that they won? I believe the reason they were elected is because they have already taken the stand supporting truth and ethical standards. If municipal-elected officials can’t support county-elected officials, how can any county or state move ahead and let the people live their American Dream? That’ s like saying Shannon Sharpe can’t support the Denver Broncos or the vice president-elect can’t vote for the president-elect.

Do you think untruthful tactics are not already being used in all levels of elections? It’s the responsibility of us as voters to see through the tactics and vote for the best candidate for the job.

The energy companies dump large amounts of money everywhere they go. If they can’t support local candidates, then are we not going to let them help rebuild roads, schools, parks, activity centers, etc., or put money in local banks, buy from local businesses, or donate to 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, athletic teams or help ranchers keep agriculture part of Western Colorado?

What’s wrong with having vision for the communities of Garfield County? Did you suggest that you ran for county commissioner four years ago, but didn’t support having vision for Garfield County, or you didn’t accept every contribution from your party?

I can’t speak for Western Heritage or the energy companies, but I am willing to go the full distance to protect my vision and investment.

You say it’s common practice for gas industry workers to work here two weeks and then go home two weeks. Why should we deny them the right to vote here if they live here? It’s also common practice for Garfield County to vote Republican.

Bill West

New Castle

I am totally amazed a paper would do a story on Sam Lincoln’s mother and how she makes gun-shaped sugar cookies. What is wrong with this world?

Here is a mother who’s son is in prison, convicted on five counts of attempted murder.

And she thinks it’s funny to make gun-shaped sugar cookies, making comments “We sell to felons, too.”

I find this is sick. As a mother, if my child was convicted of this type of crime, I would be asking myself, “What did I do wrong as a parent?” I would not be making gun-shaped sugar cookies.

I don’t understand in this world today with so much violence, why in the world would a newspaper have a story on this? Freedom of speech can only go so far. As a newspaper you have the ability to show positive stories, not stories of how a son was convicted of attempted murder and now the mother makes gun-shaped sugar cookies.

What message do you really think you are sending to the community?

Alane Larison


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