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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Keno and Raider are two purebred Siberian huskies who lost their home when their owner got sick and ended up in a nursing home a few months ago.

While this was heartbreaking, especially for Raider, they were lucky enough to have been in a couple of wonderful foster homes.

Raider is used to having someone around most of the time or would love to be able to go to work with you.

He is very attached to his soulmate, Keno, and is hopeful that his Christmas wish of finally going to his forever home will be fulfilled.

Both know how to use a dog door and require a 6-foot fenced-in yard.

Ideally, we would like to see them in a home together with no other pets so they can get all of the love and affection they so truly deserve.

Both furkids are in good health. If you can open your home and heart to these two orphans, Keno and Raider will be forever grateful.

While we are aware that it is going to take someone special to adopt two older dogs, we know that your kindness will touch their lives forever.

Andrea Rueter

Valley Dog Rescue


I don’t know Mr. Dooley Wheeler, but his letter of Sept. 27, labeling fellow citizens (whom he doesn’t know) as “Bush haters,” leads me to the conclusion that he’s never run a successful business.

If he had, he would know the difference between “hate” and good management.

One of the main keys to good business management is the ability to recognize incompetent, inefficient staff, plus the willingness to replace them with better choices before they ruin your organization.

We citizenry, as the ultimate managers of our government, recently did just that, and, hopefully in time to prevent the Bush staff from completely ruining our country.

Rick Hilleary

Glenwood Springs

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