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On November 28, gas in Aurora was $1.62. In Glenwood, $2.37. Denver TV stations report gas prices as low as $1.50.

We’re told that fuel costs are driven by delivery costs. I think a closer look is warranted regarding price fixing and gouging.

Assuming a tanker gets 3 MPG, and assuming a 400 mile roundtrip to Denver, consumption is about 140 gallons. At $4 per gallon for diesel, the cost would be $560.

The average trucker makes $45,000 per year (trucking industry average), an hourly of $22. Assume it’s 8 hours to make the trip and the driver would earn $176. Factor in payroll taxes, insurance, training, office support, etc., assume we double that to $352 ” then round up to $500.

Assuming a tanker costs about $200,000, you’d have a loan payment of $3,500 per month. That’s $20 per hour or $160. There is maintenance and upkeep, so let’s triple truck costs to $500 for the trip.

A total, generously estimated cost to deliver fuel would thus be around $1,500. But let’s round that number up, to $4,000.

The average tanker holds 8,000 gallons. The inflated delivery cost breaks down to $.50 per gallon, meaning we can go to Denver, purchase a tanker of fuel at full retail, and the cost would be $2.12 a gallon.

If delivery cost is the reason for high costs, why is New Castle, 15 miles farther, 15-20 cents per gallon less?

Internet research, along with information from a trucking industry executive, reveals the trucking cost per mile ranges from $1.08 to $2.97 depending on what is being delivered. Assuming the same round trip, the delivery cost is about $1,200, or $.15 per gallon. Thus a tanker of fuel purchased at full retail would be $.63 below what we pay.

I understand that there are two fuel suppliers for the valley. Price fixing and collusion might be difficult to prove, but gouging, as demonstrated, is not.

These are tough economic times, even for our “recession proof” valley. As elected leaders who most certainly have some influence on what is surely an illegal activity, I am curious to know what you are doing to address the issue.

Stan Orr

Glenwood Springs

For the last 14 weeks or so, we’ve been reading in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent of the remarkable exploits of the Glenwood Springs High School varsity football team. We’ve read of their athleticism, dedication, and commitment. And rightfully so, of course. The accolades are more than deserved.

But I’d like to speak of another outstanding trait of this team. The players’ individual characters. I’ve been to all fourteen games this year, and each week I was impressed by their sportsmanship. I cannot recall an incident when a player had a negative reaction to a referee’s call. No argument; no show of disbelief or disgust. Just get up and go on the next play. Demon players very often aided an opposing player to his feet after a play. Usually with a friendly pat on the shoulderpad or helmet. And I can honestly say I cannot remember an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at all.

Now, I realize that I may have forgotten a few instances when there were lapses in these areas. If so, they were so few that I don’t remember. I only remember how proud I was of this team, not only the way they played, but the way they conducted themselves.

Our whole town should be proud. This is testament of very good parents, very good coaches and very good guys.

Congratulations, Demons. You’re not only champion football players, but maybe more important, champion young men.

John Dragon

Glenwood Springs

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