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The saddest site on the Web this week features the transcript of ABC News’ interview with the outgoing president. George Bush, the man who squandered the world’s largest fortune, whose hands feature the blood of so many of ours and theirs, who ruined our reputation abroad, tells his interviewer his “biggest regret of all the presidency has to have been the intelligence failure in Iraq.” He continued: “I wish the intelligence had been different, I guess.”

Mr. Bush, you sad, confused, narrow, fool. The intelligence was different. The entire American intelligence community warned against your foolhardy adventure. You lied to a trusting public, you dismissed facts which did not fit your twisted philosophy, and you trampled democracy in a cynical smear of every voice who challenged your self-centered fantasy. Your deaf indifference, lack of intellectual curiosity, and near messianic delusion placed your own shrill, sophomoric ego ahead of the world’s well-being. On a world stage filled with thoughtful intention and remarkable opportunity, you threw a frat party. You drank the Orwellian Kool-aid and never sobered up.

Why can’t you just admit you acted on manufactured intelligence because it supported what you determined you would do long before the enemy handed you a half-baked excuse to do it?

I dream of the progress we could have made with diplomacy at the moment the entire world shared our pain. I dream of the democracy we could have shared with the world through example rather than blind, numb, bloody, misguided force.

Greg Russi

New Castle

I have been a longtime resident in this area, before I-70 had four lanes through Glenwood Canyon. Closures and traffic have increased dramatically since the highway was built.

When the highway was proposed they (Colorado Department of Transportation?) also talked about an alternative route to Gypsum over Cottonwood Pass. Cottonwood Pass road is a scary, wash-board, dirt road which is not maintained during the winter.

It is about time that route is developed and especially, maintained in the winter. The amount of closures on I-70 severely impacts all of us. And it seems as though there is a possibility we could have daily closures, not just weekly during the winter for whatever disaster. Why is this alternative route not happening?

Something needs to be done.

Khaila Derrington


No one wants to be forgotten. Trust me, I know.

Recently married in May, I have joined my husband overseas in Italy, where he serves our country in the U.S. Army.

Being a military spouse now, I see the military from a different view. It seems to me no one cares about soldiers who aren’t in Iraq or Afghanistan fighting the endless war, even our military. With the holidays in full swing, all you hear is “support, support, support” the soldiers down range and the “wounded warriors,” but it’s not just the men and women fighting that need support. What about the soldiers that are working 12+ hour shifts daily because the U.S. didn’t arrange for more soldiers to come in and replace the men and women changing duty stations? What about the military families who are stationed in Europe and other places, away from home for the first time?

I realize the soldiers down range need our support, and I’m right there supporting them, but what about the rest? What about my husband and his “battle buddies,” or all of the spouses and children? Where’s our support? We may be halfway around the world. but we don’t want to be forgotten, and forgotten is what has happened.

Now I don’t know what needs to be done, or what needs to change, all I want is people to remember, and not to forget the rest of us, wherever we may be.

Laurren Dawsey

Army Post Office, Army Europe

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