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I look forward to the every-other-Thursday column by Hal Sundin, in which he offers objective and impartial political analysis. His backward glances always provide valuable lessons in hindsight and second-guessing. The recent column on the Bush legacy was certainly a thorough evaluation of all of the presidents misjudgments, shortcomings and misdeeds, so far during his two terms in office. My purpose in this letter is not to defend George Bush. Even if I chose to do so, the limitation to 350 words in Letters to the Editor prevents an adequate rebuttal to Mr. Sundins lengthy, laborious litany of charges.No, my purpose in writing is to suggest a couple of subjects for his future every-other-Thursday diatribes. In her 2006 election-night speech, Sen. Pelosi made these three promises based upon a premise that the American people had voted for a new direction: (1) to restore civility and bipartisanship in Washington, D.C., (2) to lead the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history, and (3) to work with the president on Iraq. (If Harry Reid made any promises, he probably denies them.)If Bush has earned the privilege of Mr. Sundins expert analysis, then lets have a Legacy for the United States 110th Congress, including a review of the specific accomplishments and performance of the Senate under the dynamic leadership of Nancy Pelosi and the House under Harry Reids nondescript followship. I also suggest an alternative rendition of the political buzz expression going around, What would Reagan do? The reference to Bush as the president that never should have been implies that Al Gore should have been.Well, Mr. Sundin, starting with 9/11, What would Al Gore have done? God Bless America!Richard DoranParachute

How many close calls does it take before people get it that Vice President Dick Cheney intends on starting World War III any way that he can? The Strait of Hormuz incident just shows this a totally trumped-up excuse to go to war. Please understand that any near-future 9/11-type incident is likely the result of our vice president getting antsy for yet another excuse to expand the Mideast conflict, and not just the work of terrorists. Its getting more and more painfully apparent who is behind all the terrorist activity in the world renegades within our own government, and not a buncha raghead Islamo-extremists (not my words). Wake up, and smell the coffee, but hey, it doesnt smell all that great.Mr. Bob KeenanCarbondale

I have lived in Rifle for just over 10 years, so I am not sure if I am one of the hordes of unwashed newcomers Ms. Chamberlain spoke of in her letter published Jan. 19. I do, however wish to reassure Ms. Chamberlain that the citizens of Rifle take great pride in our town. The people I know here in Rifle care deeply about our town, our agricultural land, our businesses, our schools, our environment and our future. I am not sure why you, Ms. Chamberlain of Glenwood Springs, in your passionate defense of agricultural land in Basalt, felt it necessary to slam Rifle. But hey, Im willing to let it go. Thats how we unwashed folk are here in Rifle. I am inviting you to lunch. I will take you to our historic buildings and churches and introduce you to some of the fine people and businesses that make up our fine town. Dawn BurgessRifle

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