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Antero should be fined a great sum of money for the gas drilling blowout southwest of Silt last week. Were residents in the area alerted to the impending dangers of fire or pollutants covering the area? Apparently not. According to an Antero spokesperson, the pollution of this blowout was totally dismissed as a normal occurrence. The manner in which this incident was handled by Antero shows total disregard for human health, as well as no concern for wildlife in the surrounding area.

Who will be investigating this incident? Antero? The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission? I hope not! An independent company needs to do air quality testing in this area. The air quality needs to be tested immediately so area residents can remove themselves from the area.

This looks like another cover-up of polluting activities by another gas-drilling company.

Randy Fricke

The Committee To Save Colorado

New Castle

I am a business owner in Silt, and have become acutely aware and concerned about the recent cutback in the Silt Police Department. After two recent break-ins and thefts at the carwash in the Silt Trade Center, and several burglar alarm warnings at my office and shop building, we had to personally check and call an off-duty police officer for assistance. We learned, much to our dismay and horror, that Silt has no police officers on duty from 1-4 a.m. because of budget problems.

The first duty and purpose of any town government is the health, safety and welfare of citizens and businesses. If the police protection is nonexistent for a portion of the day, this is an invitation for thieves and vandals to attack our town. I can assure you they are aware of this gap in safety protection, because they are striking at will.

Business owners and citizens should not have to carry guns to protect their property and lives. We must have police protection around the clock.

As the economy worsens, more and more vandalism and theft will occur, and we have less protection.

The town administration must honestly scrutinize each budget item and ask, “Is this necessary for the health, safety and welfare of this community, or is it a bit of fluff and something to increase our own personal power and control over the citizens? Is someone on the payroll receiving a raise, while we cut the police department?”

Are we worrying more about weed control, landscaping and personal gain and power than providing for the actual health, safety and welfare of our town?

Do you know someone who has way too many quarters taken from the car wash, where thousands of dollars in damage was done to the business? If so, please let us know.

I look around my bedroom and see pictures of our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren; and a box of bullets so we can be prepared to defend our own health, safety and welfare. Has it come to this?

Jeanette Lyon


After reading the article about the accident on Three Mile, I was shocked the Post Independent would bring up another accident which happened in 2006 and had no connection whatsoever to the recent one.

I feel the Post Independent should apologize to the whole Rippy family for his use of words.

Gene Dunn


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