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As a Denver native of 62 years, I recently moved to New Castle to retire and be by my son, daughter-in-law, and two awesome grandkids.

In the past 6 months, I have meet the most fabulous new friends I could ever wish for, including both Miles and Steve Rippy.

I look forward every day to reading the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. What a great small town feel.

However, I was appalled by the article written by John Gardner, “Three Mile Accident Victim in St. Mary’s ICU.” Here’s a family who has a brother in ICU in a coma, and fighting for his life. Shayne was a passenger, not the driver of a freak accident. What in the world was the reporter or editor thinking, when they talked about a brother who was a driver, not passenger, in a two-year-old accident? How insensitive. I would hope the reporter, editor and the Post Independent would extend an apology to a grieving family.

John Harcourt

New Castle

There has been much talk about the canyon closure on Nov. 29. Everyone is mad at CDOT and CSP. Why don’t you direct your anger at the truck drivers that do not slow down?

The people sitting at Dotsero are complaining because they had to wait. If they had been released first than the people on the highway would be writing these letters.

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves let’s try to figure out a way to stop the semis from speeding. Not so easy is it?

I cannot feel sorry for your inconveniences. I am too busy feeling sorry for the wife, mother and sister that lost a good man in the first rollover and the young newlywed that lost his bride. The elderly couple from the second rollover that had many injuries that will be painful the rest of their lives or how about all the families that were involved in this last rollover and the gentleman that is still in critical condition. Feel sorry for them.

As far as CDOT doing a poor job of handling traffic: Ignorance is bliss. First, why would you believe what the paper prints? They rarely have their facts straight, but that is another issue. Your safety is the reason why those nasty little cones were out there.

If those cones were not there and you hit that railing that was sticking out or the debris and ran through the hazardous materials, then you would be writing letters about that.

Accidents and delays are a part of life. Anyone traveling in Colorado especially in winter should carry a survival kit. Go to the store and buy one. That way you will have less to complain about next time you are delayed in traffic.

I will close by saying thank you, CDOT and CSP, for all your hard work unseen buy the traveling public.

Resa Dennie

Glenwood Springs

Dear Barack and Transition Team:

If we the taxpayers are to help out the American auto makers to avoid bankruptcy, they in turn should lower the prices on their in-stock vehicles to at or below cost.

Many middle class working class citizens would love to buy a new car. Lets just say for example a new Ford F150 crew cab at around $20,000 dollars. The current cost of this vehicle is $35,000 and is out of reach financially for many of us.

If we are to fund them isn’t it just fair that they should help out the consumer by selling off their expensive vehicle stock to us at reduced prices?

I think requiring the automakers to reduce their prices, as a condition of a bailout using taxpayer moneys, is a good idea for many reasons.

It would stimulate lending and money flow. It would help reduce the company’s debt burden so that they can buy and build new products, and most importantly it would give the taxpayer a chance to purchase a nice product for their families.

Thanks for listening.

Best of luck on solving these crucial problems.

Joe Mollica

Glenwood Springs

If the future president’s intentions for a massive capital improvements program flies through Congress, Aspen will more than likely get funding for the entrance project needed to complete that end of State Highway 82. Why? Because the details of that project were worked out years ago. With a minor amount of tweaking, a project there could be ready to go in a relatively short time.

The Glenwood Springs end of SH 82 deserves the first attention if for no other reason than many hazardous loads are being hauled up the main thoroughfare, Grand Avenue, each day. However, no money will be directed that way because despite 30 years of study, no one will decide where or what the improvement should be.

Council should fund the preparation of a Design Study Report that would include a resolution of alternatives still under consideration, a design developed to 30 percent completion, an environmental assessment, right-of-way requirements, and cost estimates. Only then could the city be in line for a handout.

Dick Prosence


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