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Also addressed: Glenwood Springs City CouncilThe need for prompt action by the City Council to decide and move forward with a Highway 82 bypass project outlined in the recent letter from Dick Prosence is perhaps the best and most significant advice the council will receive this year.Thirty years of delay by political representatives has been a great disservice to our community. The fact the decision is difficult and will not satisfy everyone is no justification for perpetuating the constant blight of noise, pollution and congestion that adversely affects downtowns ability to become what it might otherwise be: a vibrant commercial area that could be used and enjoyed by residents and tourists. Like it or not, President Obamas promise of enormous funding for public works highway projects is likely to proceed, and press reports indicate thousands of projects are already lining up to participate in this feast of federal funds. Failure to energize a major effort to use this opportunity to solve this problem (lack of funding has often been cited as the reason for no decision) would simply be irresponsible.I strongly encourage the City Council to give immediate and priority attention to (1) reviewing the alternatives studied over the past 30 years, as well as others that are feasible, (2) selecting a preferred route, and (3) completing the necessary engineering, environmental and cost-estimating work necessary to make a persuasive proposal for funding of the project. In my view, the council should also employ a high-level, experienced and respected project manager to promptly complete the necessary project work and advance the project by making a major effort to obtain funding in the competition for federal funds. I hope the council will take leadership and move swiftly to try to solve this major issue affecting the well-being of all Glenwood Springs residents. While my personal instinctive preference is a tunnel route east of the city, I am much more concerned some decision be made and advanced toward success. I encourage others who have views on this matter to contact the City Council and make their views known. Mike Spence Glenwood Springs

While the media attempts to brainwash the recession into our heads, here is a quote to maybe change that. If you keep saying things are going to be bad, you have a good chance of being a prophet. Isaac Bashevis SingerThink about it.Cheryl ChandlerCheryl &Co. LLC Real Estate

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