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Your letters

I have been one of many people moving in and out of the Glenwood Springs Copy Copy store. I have gone in to the xerox-haven, made my requests, bantered with folks and moved along.

However, there’s been Rose. Rose Backhaus, very kind face and words, an excellent listener, constant giver, thoughtful problem-solver. She is quick with a smile and genuine warmth. And the manager of Copy Copy.

There is quality and sincerity role-modeled by Rose and her colleague/friends.

If her “missing-ness” is overwhelming to those of us who were brief in her life, imagine the unimaginable loss for her family and friends. There is no copy of Rose ever possible.

Our hearts are extended to those close to her.

To help her son and family, donations can be made to the Alpine Bank of Glenwood Springs in her name, or contact the folks at Copy Copy.

Wendy MacPhail-Brigham


I have to comment on Ross Talbott’s latest “Qualified to Vote” tirade. Examples of economic abuse always (in bold, under-lined, capitalized letters always) refer to some welfare mom or dead-beat dad who works the system.

Now Ross, I am not defending those who take and don’t give back; but I ask you this. If we took all of the subsidy money given to the corporate farmers and ranchers (big business, not family-owned), to the businesses who have made fortunes (taxpayer dollars) off the wars, to the Wall Street (pro-capitalists) who have lined their pockets with (taxpayer dollars) and to all of those lobbyists and the businesses they represent standing there with their hands out or hands so deep in Uncle Sam’s pocket they will need to be removed surgically and totaled that money; who gets the most “welfare” from the government?

I suggest the lion’s share does not go to the needy.

Also, what is the purpose of government; this beast we elect people to run for us? I again suggest we have government to equal the playing field for all players. There was a time in human history when only the rich and powerful had control.

Government spreads that opportunity around a little bit; protecting the less powerful from the more powerful.

Now, I do agree with the concern we in America are not living very sustainable lives. We don’t heat or light our own houses; kill, butcher or grow our own food; pump or haul our own water; deliver and bury our own dead. We don’t do much for ourselves.

We depend on public utilities, foreign oil and food, mass-produced crap from China and we live a lifestyle based on purchases made on credit. No part of this financial problem or solution addresses the fact this lifestyle of ours is not sustainable.

A final thought; when human need meets human greed, greed always wins. Voting gives me one chance to speak to need and against greed.

Rick Davis

Glenwood Springs

At this time of the year and other times earlier, I have been given wonderful treatment by our postal service. The latest being a check I received and was going to take to the bank. I picked it up with my outgoing mail. I dumped it into my mail box. The really wonderfully amazing thing was I had already signed it, and put my account number on it. And it was returned to me by the post office.

Phyllis Carver

Glenwood Springs

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