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All right Kenny, you have my attention, and it doesn’t surprise me you’re from Carbondale.

Any way you look at it, Mr. Neubecker, the bumper sticker, which is probably something you’d put on your hippie-mobile, is disrespectful to those who’ve died trying to protect this country. It’s a disrespect to all those kids who have graduated high school and sent into the lions’ den and have been killed.

Several of my classmates have died in service of their country, and you know what? I don’t think there could ever be a better way for someone to give their life. I would be devastated if I was to lose a son or daughter in war, but I would be so proud my child gave all for me and you.

I’m proud of your uncle for giving his all to protect this great nation. My hat’s off to him and his service. I would agree with you that men and women die to keep this nation free, freedom to protest anything we don’t agree with. The freedom to even make a mockery of what the troops have done for us, which is exactly what the bumper sticker did, Ken. It made a mockery of those who’ve gone to war to fight for what they believe in, while you’re in your fancy “stuck” up-valley home, living the American dream, right?

Did you see us going to war before 9/11? No, so I would say it was a last resort. Or would it have taken two more planes to kill 2,500 more Americans before it became a last resort? That’s truly mindlessness, Ken.

War must not be protested. Agree with it or disagree with it; respect the troops, and that was the idea of my first letter, Kenny.

Like I said, I don’t think there could be a better way to die. If I could, I would go to Iraq to fight for freedom, and then maybe Arlington. But not to sit on the grass, to be below it with the heroes of this God-blessed nation.

Jason Whitcomb

New Castle

Mike Miles would be the best person to be appointed to the Senate seat vacated by Ken Salazar.

He has military experience as a former Army Company Commander, a ranger and a West Point graduate. Plus he has foreign policy experience as a former U.S. State Department employee and diplomat. Here in Colorado, he has been an educator and superintendent of schools.

He received the majority vote of the delegates to the 2004 Democratic Party State Assembly when he ran for the U. S. Senate. He received 52 percent to Senator Salazar’s 48 percent.

Miles has spent his entire life serving the public interest as a soldier, diplomat, and educator.

Call Governor Ritter’s office at (303) 866-2471 to ask that Mike be appointed to Ken Salazar’s Senate seat.

Cathleen Krahe


Seventh graders at Rifle Middle School were recently given the opportunity to participate in a woodworking project using Renaissance-era tools. This project was possible only because of local volunteers. Ray Chelewski, Vernon Snead, and Eli Snead each volunteered several hours of their time to demonstrate how the tools were used and to aid students with their projects. A special thank-you also goes to Herb Call and Valley Lumber Company for donating lumber. It was great to see members of our community helping our students. Thank you.

Go Cubs!

Kennon Snead and Mark Wilson

Rifle Middle School

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