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Everyone wants to make a difference … sometimes we just need to know how. In these challenging times, we know you need to make decisions as to which nonprofit organizations you are going to support. We also know you want to support strong, established organizations which make a difference in the community and directly benefit your quality of life. Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities (CCAH) is celebrating its 37th year as a nonprofit that has a direct, positive impact on the quality of life here in Carbondale and throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. Here’s why we deserve your support.

Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities’ mission is to enhance the creative life of the Carbondale community. CCAH offers a wide range of programs and events that give Carbondale its pulse. CCAH’s most popular events are Mountain Fair, Summer of Music and First Fridays. These events bring people to Carbondale from all over the country, and they benefit restaurants, hotels, shops and sales revenue.

These events bring to the community a quality of entertainment and art not usually found in small towns. In addition to these events, CCAH offers programs from music appreciation to school programs that impact every demographic of our community.

When you support CCAH, you are investing in our community and making a difference. Please join us this year or give a gift of membership to your friends. It lasts for an entire year.

Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities board of directors

Jeff Britt, Jess Downing, Jody Ensign, Jane Hart, Elizabeth Phillips, Donna Riley, Joe Scofield, Jonathan Shamis, Mariana Velasquez-Schmahl, Bob Schultz

There is nothing more adorable than a wiggling, doe-eyed puppy on Christmas morning. While we want to see the delight on our children’s faces, the love in our partner’s eyes, puppies are not Christmas gifts. Puppies are a lifetime commitment that should not begin on Christmas Day.

Puppies require constant attention, supervision and training. If not paying close attention, your new bundle of joy will chew on your priceless Persian rug, urinate on your antique bedpost and chew on the drywall in your living room. It may be 10 below zero outside ” could be 3 a.m., but your pup has to go outside and relieve himself. Hungry puppies don’t know grandma’s chocolate rum balls are off limits, and he could devour them without a moment’s hesitation. If a puppy chews on electrical cords, chomps on a glass ornament or chokes on tinsel, you may end up with a dead puppy on your hands.

Your cute little guy also grows up and the excitement is over. Adults and children alike get tired of taking care of a dog, get weary of training, and may find a dog cramps their lifestyle. Where do these poorly thought-out Christmas gifts end up? In an overcrowded animal shelter, of course. Or abandoned along a lonely stretch of road.

Remember, pets are not toys. When you get tired of playing with them, they cannot be ignored, pushed under your bed, banished to a toy box or thrown away. Don’t you think we have enough throw-away animals in our overcrowded shelters, many scheduled for euthanasia? Do we have to experience yet another nightmare after Christmas?

Your commitment must last a lifetime. Before you decide to give a puppy (or any animal) as a Christmas gift, think it through. They give unconditional commitment and love to us; can we not do the same for them?

Darlene Robbiano

New Castle

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