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The front page of the Post Independent on Jan. 15 reports another incident by an illegal immigrant that went bad. If the charges could not be proved, why not charge them under Title 19, USC 1459 and or USC 1433? This law is written on signs all along the border between Mexico and the US. “Warning all persons and vehicles must enter the United States at a designated port of entry only. This is not a designated port of entry. Any person or vehicle entering at this point is in violation of Title 19 USC 1459 and or USC 1433 and is subject to a $5,000.00 penalty.” They could also face one year in prison. Does anyone know of an illegal immigrant being charged under this law?

I received the Colorado State Legislative Update from the Chamber recently. Way down the page, you will find the one comment on illegal immigration. “Al White (R-Winter Park) a member of the Joint Budget Committee stated that he believes that the state has incurred more expense in implementation of the various laws passed during the special session of 2006 than savings realized by not providing services to illegal immigrants.” If this is true, then change the law.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies website, this state could save $2 billion annually in taxes that pay schooling, medical, social-services and incarceration costs if the 500,000 illegal immigrants and their 300,000 children were sent home. If we could send this group home, 12,000 gang members would vanish in Denver alone.

If we had secured our borders sooner, over 7,300 illegal immigrants would not have committed crimes against the citizens of Colorado.

More important is the fact that if the illegal immigrants had not been allowed to enter the U.S., officer Don Young and hundreds of Colorado victims would not have suffered death, accidents, rapes and other crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Did you figure the cost of human suffering and loss of life in making your comment, Mr. White?

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Let’s get the Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008 passed. It is essential to have fair and honest elections if we are going to continue to have any kind of representation and some semblance of a democracy. It’s time to stop the stolen elections that have marred elections since the Kennedy years.

Bob Keenan


The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission held the first in a series of statewide meetings at the Battlement Mesa Activity Center Jan. 3. Over 500 residents of Garfield and Mesa counties sacrificed time with their families to pack the gymnasium for the two-hour long meeting. Yet, Tresi Houpt, a Garfield County Commissioner and a member of the COGCC, couldn’t find the time to attend the meeting and listen to the concerns of the very people she is supposed to represent.

The proposed new rules are not just more unnecessary bureaucracy; some of the planned changes would greatly impact the ability of landowners to extract the minerals from their own property and significantly increase the costs associated with drilling natural gas.

The possibility of a major employer and economic contributor drastically reducing or eliminating their activity in Garfield County seems to be of little importance to Ms. Houpt. She either doesn’t care, or is oblivious to the possibility that the people she is supposed to represent could lose their jobs and suffer economically if the energy companies take their drilling programs to other states. Energy companies are not obligated to extract the natural resources from Colorado. They will take their business elsewhere if the government imposes so many regulations drilling becomes unprofitable.

Energy companies are moving out of Alberta’s high tax environment for the economically beneficial markets of Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The vast oil reserves sit, untapped, off the Florida coast because of overly restrictive regulations.

So what if people lose their jobs because energy companies take their business elsewhere? So what if real estate prices start to plummet as they have done in the rest of the country? Why should Western Colorado prosper while the rest of the country is in a financial slump? Why should we take advantage of the immense natural resources that lay below the ground? Let’s just leave them there and then complain about the lack of “good” paying jobs.

Tresi Houpt doesn’t seem to care about the working people or the economy of the very county she theoretically represents.

David Furr


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