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I have recently seen the exclusion of Christmas becoming much more blatant than in years past. It is also very obvious in the school system.

I don’t expect schools that are not Christian schools to be only attentive to Christmas, but if we are taking a look at Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and even those that do not believe anything at all, we should also include Christmas. Many people all over the world celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. I would hope we don’t become so tolerant of all, that we actually are becoming intolerant of Christmas. Dec. 25 is Christmas Day, and is the reason that banks, post offices, schools and most other places that we frequent are closed.

These days it seems as though there’s an elephant in the room, but you must act as though it’s not there, and that is really sad.

Happy holidays to all, for whichever holiday it is you celebrate. And to those who celebrate Christmas, please continue to celebrate and sing those Christmas songs which have been loved and cherished for many years. Merry Christmas!

Kim Passey

Glenwood Springs

“Asleep at the switch” is a phrase often heard as Wall Street crashes, CEOs beg for bailouts and environmental regulators look the other way. Who is leading this nation for the benefit of whom?

On Dec. 12, I filed a formal complaint with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) regarding what appears to be another methane leak near Divide Creek. It’s the same players: me, EnCana, the county, COGCC, EPA. It’s the same wearisome and demoralizing struggle as I bring regulatory attention to adverse environmental impacts, and agencies work to discredit and dismiss them.

This time, it appears as though the seep which affected Divide Creek this summer has worked its way up through 200 feet of additional canyon geology to kill off vast tracts of vegetation emanating from the same pad found responsible for the 2004 blowout. The pattern of die-off matches almost exactly. But where is corporate citizen EnCana? The county, the COGCC, even the EPA can’t muster concern for the escape of a greenhouse gas worse than CO2 into the environment. Where is the concern for public health, or the extensive loss of habitat such a leakage causes?

Unfortunately, this has occurred in critical elk habitat at the worst possible time ” just when these large game animals need this important source of forage.

The environmental health of the Garfield Creek Wildlife Area is vital to our elk herds. And it’s also where I watched an unidentified pad-site gas plume rise hour upon hour into the sky last night. Who will oversee the health of this habitat once drillers move in? The two inspectors tasked with monitoring 1,700 wells?

This letter isn’t for the benefit of any of these agencies. They’re apprised of the situation. The following resource is for the many concerned and frustrated folks who have been told by agencies like the COGCC that vegetation die-off near well sites has nothing to do with natural gas drilling: Journal of Arboriculture 3(8): August 1977″ The effect of natural gas on trees and other vegetation by Spencer Davis.

Lisa Bracken


I got a chuckle out of Cheryl Chandler’s short letter to the editor (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, Dec. 16) blaming the media for “brain-washing us poor gullible souls into believing we’re in a recession. Why let facts get in the way of looking at your world through rose-colored glasses?

In the real world, all news is not good news, Cheryl. Personally, I don’t mind the slow down of uncontrolled growth Ms. Chandler facilitates in our fair valley.

When my job cut me back to three days per week, I got a second job to make ends meet. Might I suggest Cheryl do the same. Go out and get a real job, since there’s not much profit for “money changers in the temple” anymore.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


I’m sorry I don’t know who else to write or call; I’ve been getting the run-around.

I recently moved to Glenwood Springs from Denver, and my husband and I live in this trailer park. We have not had running water since Friday, Dec. 12. Now I’m getting sick and so is my husband. We had been melting snow on the stove so we can flush the toilets, but we have no other options.

I would like to know who can I contact about this because we don’t have running water at least twice a week and this doesn’t seem right to me. How are we supposed to live here if we don’t have running water?

Gina Rodriguez

Glenwood Springs

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