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This is addressed to all the bashers of President Bush and Vice President Cheney: please, in the spirit of the seasons, no matter your religious affiliation, from now on eliminate the hate in your heart for our soon-to-be-retired Bush Administration. The members of the soon-to-be-past administration were elected in the same manner as the incoming one. They are not harmed by your hate, but you are. So, “enough awready.”

We have had a long run as a successful Republic. Yes, we have had bumps in the road, economic depressions, wars, attacks on our people and guests, even border invasion, but the system under which we have been operating has always produced more highs than lows. Even our citizens described as poor have more opportunities to upgrade their standard of living here than in other countries. That’s why we have foreigners pouring in.

I admit I do not have much confidence in efforts to level the economic playing field and elevate the country’s prosperity by taking from the producers and giving to those who do not contribute to the wealth and infrastructure of our country, but we just need to give this incoming administration a chance.

I pledge to not hate anyone which represents the United States of America in Executive, Congressional or Judicial branches or their decisions on foreign policy.

Please join me and await the results of new programs, then submit constructive thoughts to our media outlets.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

I was more than appalled by the amazing, arrogant ignorance of the statement by Jason Whitcomb in Sunday’s (Dec. 21) letter to the editor. War must not be protested? What school did he attend? Is he a member of the Dick Cheney Youth Corps? Perhaps he should go back to school and read the Declaration of Independence and the First Amendment.

Mr. Whitcomb, don’t you think it disrespectful to send your classmates to die in war to protect the profits of big oil companies? I get the impression you don’t have a clue as to what has been going on. If you think Iraq is about terrorism you have missed more than just a few facts along the way.

As to dying for one’s country; those who died in this war did not die for God or their country. They died for their government and their government was corrupt and dishonest. Why do you think the majority of the world thinks the war in Iraq is imperialist aggression against a sovereign nation? Did you miss the point that world opinion and a fair fraction of our own citizens think Bush is a war criminal?

Respecting those who serve and disagreeing with the task which has been set for them are not the same issue. When our troops are used to advance political power and private profit, they are being misused. Did you fail to note the looting of our nation, the theft of civil rights and the destruction of environmental protections while most of us were distracted with the war? Same guys, Jason.

My grandson, a Navy Seal, is giving part of his leave this Christmas to the Navy Recruiting office in Grand Junction. Perhaps you should visit him and sign up. Failing that, take a trip to Walter Reed or the Trauma Center in Houston and get some perspective, it’s not all about dying.

For your information, I have four years, eight month and six days volunteer service with the United States Air Force, and I protest this sleazy, dishonest, profit-oriented, imperialist war.

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

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