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Oh, how I love ruffling the left-wingers feathers! First it was Ken Neubecker, and now Craig Chisesi. I don’t think there’s anything better than seeing these characters’ letters to the editor.

Well, Craig I’ll respond to your incoherent ramblings.

If war wasn’t the solution for Iraq, what was? Craig, honestly, does there need to be a rebuttal for me encouraging people to respect our troops? Wow, Craig, then you are quite arrogant.

It’s blatantly obvious to me people who care about freedom of speech are the people who want to abuse it. Like for example, you, Craig. You might consider me, too, and that’s fine by me. You know the reason on Nov. 21 I said people can speak their opinion wherever? Because some liberal was upset because the GSPI printed a letter from someone in Texas.

No, we’re not fighting for oil, sir, and you hit the nail on the head, sort of. We are fighting so the people of Iraq have a nation like ours where they can practice free speech and the freedom to disagree with the government, and believe me, Craig, I won’t be the one who’ll remove that right from America. It’ll be your beloved President-elect Barack Hussein Obama.

Guess what else, Craig? I can question your morals or values all I want to, just like you can call me a hypocrite if you’d like because we’re a free nation because people have died for us to give us that right. We wouldn’t be here doing what we’re doing without war. If we hadn’t revolted against the British and the Nazis and the communists.

Come on, Mr. Chisesi, time to wake up from your dream where all the animals and trees are safe from the human race and we all love Obama and we all get along.

Jason Whitcomb

New Castle

The Glenwood Springs City Council reminds me of a little boy in a field of glass, afraid to make a step for fear of cutting his foot.

My God! Get on with it! The correct and only logical decision for relocating State Highway 82 has been in front of your face for 29 years, ever since Centennial Engineers first recommended using the railroad corridor back in 1979.

Who are the people cited in your 12/20 news story who “do not necessarily want State Highway 82 to be relocated?” Are they the drivers stuck in a queue of traffic extending from 23rd Street to the river bridge, or the few people who might be slightly impacted by a highway fairly close to their house? Are they drivers of gasoline tankers hauling 5,000 gallons of explosive fuel up your main street? They are certainly not people who can visualize a green belt along a noise-mitigated highway with improved access for walkers or bicyclists.

Enough studying. Find someone who can develop an action plan.

Dick Prosence


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