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This is a letter in response to Jason Whitcomb’s Dec. 21 letter entitled, “Sticker is Disrespectful.” For someone so concerned about being respectful, Mr. Whitcomb displays an appalling lack of respect towards Ken Neubecker by calling him “Kenny” or assuming the offensive sticker is “probably something you’d put on your hippie-mobile” or referring to Ken’s “fancy ‘stuck’ up-valley home.” I doubt Mr. Whitcomb even knows Mr. Neubecker, yet is willing to make offensive presumptions about his personal life and character. This intolerant rhetoric strips all credibility from his argument.

Mr. Whitcomb’s proclamation “war must not be protested” is counter to the very principals of the constitution. The government is the ward of the people, and if the government is engaged in activities that the people disagree with, it is the duty of the people to resist. Protesting an unjust war has nothing to do with a lack of respect for the soldiers, it has everything to do with the people insisting our soldiers stop dying for a cause we disagree with. I don’t want one single more soldier dying in a war President Bush has now openly admitted was a “do-over.” It is our duty in a democracy to make our voices heard.

I find it offensive to listen to Mr. Whitcomb’s accusations that questioning our government’s choices is “mindlessness.” The argument the 9/11 attacks led to the inevitability of the Iraq war is a fallacy. Of all the many reasons the Bush administration fed the American people to justify an invasion, that connection was never made. Even Mr. Cheney wasn’t foolish enough to go that far.

In history, it has been the responsibility of a people to overthrow their own tyrannical government; it is not our responsibility to do it for them. This is not fighting for freedom, don’t get confused. In case you haven’t noticed, the people in Iraq are not rolling over in gratitude for getting rid of Saddam. Perhaps, Mr. Whitcomb, somebody needs to throw a shoe or two at you for you to realize this.

Brian Wright

New Castle

With all the snow we have had lately, I was wondering why the Post Office Annex building in West Glenwood is not forced to clear their sidewalks. I have had notices on my front door letting me know I have 24 hours after a snow storm to clear my walk. Even though I was out of town during the storm, I have always complied as soon as I could.

The sidewalk on the north side of the annex along Donegan is the only walk pedestrians can use, and it is impassible because of deep snow and ice. The walk on the east side is the same way. The walk along Center Drive hasn’t been plowed ever that I can remember. Why are they exempt from clearing their walks, or why aren’t they forced to comply?

I walk my dog nearly every day along this route. Many others in the neighborhood do also. Having to walk in the street is dangerous, and with the number of cars parked along Center Drive, it narrows down to one lane. (Thank you, Glenwood Police Department, for tagging the cars which have been left on Center Drive and having them removed. You might want to check again because there are more.)

Which brings up the point of leaving cars in front of houses or along streets during the winter. I believe the laws say you must move your cars every 72 hours. I had one left near my home for more than four months. I kept track, and it never moved. The owner had to tow it off last week along with two others he owned.

When you leave a car in the street, it is impossible for the snowplow trucks to get close to the curb. Snow melts and freezes to the point you can’t do anything with it. Be a little more considerate of your neighbors.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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